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Top 10 Rap Tracks In '05

The Corner was our magic, our music, our politics.
Fires raised as tribal dances and war cries broke out on different corners.
Power to the people, Black power, Black is beautiful!

Black church services, murderers, Arabs serving burgers/
As cats with gold permanents, move they bags as herbalists/
The dirt isn't just fertile, its people workin' and earnin' this/
The curb getters go where the cats flow and the current is/
Its so hot that niggaz burn to live/
The furnace is, whether money movin', the determined live/
We talk shit, play lotto, and buy German beers/
Its so black packed with action that's affirmative . . .

-- Common, "The Corner" from his classic CD Be

These are the top 10 rap songs in 2005, based on my play counts via iTunes:

01. The Corner (F/ The Last Poets) -- Common (57 spins)
(TIE) The Strongest Man -- Rapper Big Pooh (57 spins)
02. Dear Summer -- Jay-Z (49 spins)
03. Ladies Jam -- Little Brother (45 spins)
04. I'm a Hustla -- Cassidy (44 spins)
05. Ski Mask Way -- 50 Cent (42 spins)
06. This Is My Life -- Slim Thug (38 spins)
07. I'm Black -- Styles P. (31 spins)
08. the Future -- One.Be.Lo (30 spins)
09. Early Mornin' Tony -- Felt (Slug, Murs & Ant) (26 spins)
10. Sittin' Sidewayz (F/ Big Pokey of the S.U.C.) -- Paul Wall (24 spins)

** Bonus cut: Heard 'Em Say (F/ Adam Levine) -- Kanye West (17 spins)