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Black No More?

Rap writer/critic A-Plus recently penned an editorial announcing that "He Doesn't Want To Be Black Anymore."

His reasoning:

"In this day and age, everything of, related to and about Blackness, Black culture or being Black in any positive light has been reduced to a pile of ash and rubble.

Who is to blame you ask? The niggas. Yes ladies and gentleman, the Black race is dead and the niggas have run amuck. BET looks like a scene from Dawn of the Dead and the Black faces might as well be wearing blackfaces (if that went over your head, do a Google search for "minstrel shows").

For every yin, there’s supposed to be a yang, but somehow, the niggas (with some help from unnamed sources) have found a way to bring about the worst in us . . . 100 percent of the time. I must say that I am forced to applaud their tactics, as even some of the harshest critics of nigga culture have been reduced to saying, "it's not that bad.

Sorry to burst your bubble of comfort and euphoria, but it IS that bad. The niggas are driving the bus and the Black folks are tied up in the trunk.

A-Plus then offers his "Nigga Hit List" of rappers -- including Young Jeezy, Ying Yang Twins and others -- who he deems are making a mockery of African-American culture with their coonery and demeaning images.

Which begs a question . . .

Had there ever been a time when you wish you weren't Black (or African-American)?

Racism is a bitch, folks. It can fuck with your head sometimes.

But for A-Plus, it looks like his issues are with the music and the "minstrelsy" on BET.

But I think the problem is way more bigger than what's on BET.

What do you think?