Monday Memes: Forty Below

Double Glazed Donuts

"I'm ain't lickin no neck, no back (Whut!)/
Betta get my nuts, my sack (Whut!)/
Whether in my truck, my pad (Whut!)/
My thug niggas know what I mean (Whut!)/
A live bitch that's what I need . . . (Whut!)"

-- J Dilla, "Champion Sound" from JayLib's Champion Sound

In honor of the late and great J Dilla, I bring you this caramel-glazed vixen straight from Dilla's hometown "the D" (Detroit, y'all). The 26-year-old model, who worships her 35-27-39 physique, is an aspiring singer who recently dropped a 7-song EP titled Meaning of My Song (available for purchase on her website). And she's no ordinary dumb model chick either. The body-worshipin' cutie has an Associate Degree in Science and a B.A. in Kinesiology (study of the anatomy). She's currently pursuing another degree in Physical Therapy.

Which begs the question: Since homegirl is so smart and goal-oriented, why is she showing off her ass in front of the camera?

Who cares? She's hot! So let her do her thing-thing, dammit!

You go girl! Brush your shoulders off, and love the haters.

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