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Whoop That Trick!

The gossip websites are all abuzz over the New York Vs. Pumkin bitchfight on VH1's reality series Flavor of Love, which aired this past Sunday. It was truly a television spectacle.

And thank God for You Tube. You can watch the entire beat down right HERE. Click it and enjoy!


The Crunkster (bka Fresh) advises Flavor Flav to "Control Yo Hoe." Spoken like a true P-I-M-P!

And please read the Real Foxxxy Love's excellent recap of the show and bitchfight that the DLister calls the "Greatest TV Moment in History." Foxxxy Love's detailed critique of the entire show is a great read.

Flaaavooor Flaaav!



"Know you really don't wanna step to dis/
Really don't know why you talkin' shit/
You 'bout to catch one right in the lip/
It's about to be a what? Girlfight!"

-- Brooke Valentine, "Girlfight"


Did you catch Sunday's (Feb. 26) episode of Flavor of Love on VH1?

The show's ending was . . . crrraaazy.

Contestant Pumkin was booted off the show because she had appeared on a half-dozen reality shows, including Blind Date (and MTV's Next) and didn't bother to tell Flavor Flav. Pumkin then left the show in a huff and like the true reality TV-addicted trick bitch that she is, hurled a nasty spit stream right in New York's face. Yes . . she . . did.

What a sore loser. And it was a nasty spit, too -- it was yellowish and thick. Ewww! What followed was probably the craziest bitch fight on network television. New York grabbed pumkin's hair and pushed her right into the cameraman . . head first.

Hoopz was flabbergasted by the whole incident. But later admitted that she was happy that New York got spatted on. Hoopz is so ghetto . . . so manly.

As for me, I was laughing my ass off. Ten weeks of watching FoL and this was the pay off -- two stank bitches fighting.

Aside from that little spat (excuse the pun), the rest of the show was slammin'. Before the bitch fight, Flavor Flav was able to meet with the parents of the final three players: Hoopz, Pumkin and New York. Out of all of them, New York's mom was a REAL bitch to Flav. She was giving your boy King Flav mad static -- she clearly WAS NOT FEELING the Flav-ster.

New York's mom's concern of her daughter dating -- and possibly marrying -- Flav is legitimate. Flav is 46 years old, unstable and ugly. New York is a man woman who is also unstable, very emotional, high maintenance and dumb.

These two should not be allowed to procreate. Or, if they must have sex, New York should be neutered or spayed first.


Let me stop.

In the end, it's now down to the final two: Hoopz and New York.

Rumor has it that New York will win it all. But I'm still rooting for my girl Hoopz to steal the win. I picked her to win at the beginning of this 10-week train wreck and I'm sticking with her.

The season finale of Flavor of Love airs next Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

I can't wait . . .

In other FoL News: Flavor Flav and all of the FoL female contestants recently filmed a "Flavor of Love Reunion" special that should air a week after the season finale. Hopefully, New York and Pumkin will continue their grudge match on that episode.

Flaavoor Flaaav!


Double Glazed Donuts

"I'm ain't lickin no neck, no back (Whut!)/
Betta get my nuts, my sack (Whut!)/
Whether in my truck, my pad (Whut!)/
My thug niggas know what I mean (Whut!)/
A live bitch that's what I need . . . (Whut!)"

-- J Dilla, "Champion Sound" from JayLib's Champion Sound

In honor of the late and great J Dilla, I bring you this caramel-glazed vixen straight from Dilla's hometown "the D" (Detroit, y'all). The 26-year-old model, who worships her 35-27-39 physique, is an aspiring singer who recently dropped a 7-song EP titled Meaning of My Song (available for purchase on her website). And she's no ordinary dumb model chick either. The body-worshipin' cutie has an Associate Degree in Science and a B.A. in Kinesiology (study of the anatomy). She's currently pursuing another degree in Physical Therapy.

Which begs the question: Since homegirl is so smart and goal-oriented, why is she showing off her ass in front of the camera?

Who cares? She's hot! So let her do her thing-thing, dammit!

You go girl! Brush your shoulders off, and love the haters.

For more pics, click THIS.


Monday Memes: Forty Below

It's been a minute since I have done a Meme . . .

I copped this one at The Music Memoirs:

THE RULES: 10 songs that sum up your weekend . . . or were on your weekend playlist . . . and one picture that relates back. (Oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did.)

01. "Basketball" -- Kurtis Blow (The East won!)
02. "Bye" -- J Dilla (Rest In Peace!)
03. "So Sick" -- Ne-Yo (I'm not sick, but I am sick of this damn song)
04. "The Chosen One" -- Jaheim (I'm writing a profile on him)
05. "Dead Presidents" -- Jay-Z (Happy Dead Presidents Day!)
06. "Cold, Cold World" -- Carl Thomas (It's freezing up here in the Northeast!)
07. "What You Know" -- T.I. (T.I.'s new track/video is straight bangin'! Holla at me pimpin'!)
08. "Clockwork" -- Julez Santana (I gotta make this money!)
09. "Bills, Bills, Bills" -- Destiny's Child (So I can paid this heat bill, dammit!)
10. "So Lady" -- Mary J. Blige (I like to give a shout-out to all of my fine female readers out there! Holla at 'cha boy!)

And finally, I copped this one from Dragonflypurity:

Four Jobs I've Had:

01. I worked at McDonald's for four years. I actually worked my way up to Crew Chief and almost became a shift manager (the guys that were the blue uniforms).

02. I was also a line cook at an Italian restuarant for five years. I was almost promoted to Sous Chef until I decided to switch careers and become a journalist.

03. Music editor for a rap indie magazine called Beat-Down magazine for three years. This is where I met current Vibe Editrix/ multi-tasking journalist-author/ hip-hop intellectual/ blog vixen/techie and overall down-ass chick Lynne d Johnson. I could also name-drop a couple of well-known journalists that I have given birth to during my tenure at the mag -- but I won't get into all of that.

04. Now, I'm a senior editor/online content provider for a big radio company (no, it's not Clear Channel).

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over:
01. Goodfellas
02. The Godfather I and II
03. Cooley High
04. Hustle & Flow -- It's a great movie. I've been watching this flick on DVD a lot lately. Whoop that trick!
Four Places I've Lived:
1 through 4 -- New Jersey
Four TV Shows I Love:
01. Chappelle's Show -- They are still showing episodes on Comedy Central!
02. BET's UnCut -- Yeah, whatever. Hate it or love it.
03. The Shield -- the best cop show on television right now.
04. VH1's Flavor of Love -- Flaaavooor Flaaav!
Four Places I've Vacationed:
01. Florida
02. North Carolina (Go figured?)
03. Minne-Apple (Thank you Angelique!)
04. N/A
Four Of My Favorite Dishes:
01. Scrambled eggs and pancakes.
02. My moms chili. Hot damn!
03. My famous turkey salad with corn, string beans, shredded carrots, mixed greens and croutons.
04. Anything homemade that my moms makes -- "colla" greens, cornbread, cabbage, rice and beans, etc.
Four Sites I Visit Daily:
01. Yahoo! Entertainment -- I gotta know what's going on with the celebrities.
02. Beats and Rants -- You know how I do . . .
03. Google (search engine, news)
04. Several sites listed on my blogroll
Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
01. In bed, sleeping my ass off.
02. On a plane heading to a tropical warm island.
03. In bed, sleeping my ass off.
04. In Minneapolis -- with a big fur coat on. BRRR!
**Bonus: Your Four Role Models
01. My Moms
02. John Coltrane -- His life story inspires me.
03. My ancestors -- Seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to do some genelogical research on my ancestoral ties all the way back to Africa. Great Grandma and Great Granddad were major movers and shakers back in the days.
04. Me. Fuck it, I'm the shit. (LOL! I sound like Kanye West.)
Four Bloggers I Am Tagging:
1. You
2. A blogger named You
3. And You
4. Oh . . . and You, too!


Touch The Skyye

This 22-year-old New York native is a newbie in the modeling game and is looking to boost her portfolio with plenty of credible photo opportunities. The Gemini hottie recently appear in Stuff magazine, and judging by her bodacious measurements -- 34-27-39 -- it would seem that she does indeed have the right stuff. To take a look at her photos, click HERE or HERE.