Spring Bling

Big Beats N '06

Murs and 9th Wonder
Murray's Revenge
(Record Collection)
1/2 (4.5 Beats)

Murs and 9th Wonder's fantastic CD, Murray's Revenge, is the first great rap disc of 2006. And cliché as this may read: Murray's Revenge is a great collection of beats, rhymes and life. There's not a bad track on here. Go cop it!

And others agree:

Blogger JJ of Pastemob blog writes:

"Murray's Revenge winds up much more satisfying than their last collaboration, Murs 3:16. The conversational flow is in even higher gear here . . ."
And music head Gilmore Boy says:
"[Murs] brings back the kind of rap that I grew up on. Amusing, story telling, intelligent social commentary and insights into the protagonists life style. Another lost concept in rap: a cohesive sounding album. Result: instant classic."
And journalist Nathan Rabin, of the Onion (A.V. Club), gave the album a grade: B+. To wit:
"Murs and 9th Wonder wisely stick to the winning formula that paid such rich creative dividends on 3:16 -- strong song concepts, minimal guest appearances, a brisk running time, dope beats, and lyrics both smart and smartass."

Cassandra Wilson
(Blue Note)
1/2 (4.5 Beats)

Cassandra Wilson's forthcoming release Thunderbird is another great album of 2006. Her smokey voice is backed up by some hip-hop-infused, soulful vibes provided by Grammy award-winning producer T-Bone Burnett. Not to worry folks, there are some equally smoldering jazz cuts on here, too. The set is already at the top of my year-end list, and I'm quite sure will be the most talked about album this year. And even though I have the advance CD, I'm still going to cop her disc when it hits stores on April 4. You should, too. It's all about supporting good music. Wait a minute . . . scratch that . . . it's all about SUPPORTING QUALITY MUSIC.


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