Late Night . . .

To The Heavens, Blackwards

Can we please have a moment of silence . . .

For X Clan mastermind Professor X "The Overseer" (real name Lumumba Carson, the son of civil rights activist Sonny Carson) who died on Friday from spinal meningitis.

To all the Activist and Fighters for Hip Hop Culture, I am sorry to say that a great King and Warrior has just pass on [Friday] to be with our Ancestors and among the Gods and Goddesses of the Supreme Force One God who is called by many names. May Amun Ra/ Allah be with our brother's soul, and may his father [Sonny] Carson received him to be with The Ancestors of The Indigenous People of the Planet so called Earth.
-- Afrika Bambaataa
The Rap Coalition's Wendy Day eulogizes Professor X.

The remaining X Clan member Grand Verbalizer Funkin' Lesson Brother J has reassembled the group (under the new moniker X Clan Millennium Cipher) and recently toured with Damien Marley on his Welcome to Jamrock trek. No word on if the X Clan's forthcoming album, Return to Mecca, will drop this year. To peep X Clan's website, click THIS.

R.I.P. Professor X.

May you continue to stomp in heaven with your big black boots.


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