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After The Love Is Gone

Flaavoor Flaav!

I have to admit . . . I miss VH1's reality series, Flavor of Love. My Sunday nights will never be the same. Sniff, sniff.

But it was wonderful to see all of the lovely ladies return for the the Flavor of Love: The Reunion special, which aired on Sunday (April 2). I was impressed at how beautifully H.A.M.-ed all of the women looked on the show. Almost all of the ladies were showing off their breastses, and one contestant was showing off her shaved beaver. (more on that later.)

First and foremost, props go out to Michael K of DListed who did an excellent recap of the Reunion show, including screen caps. (Which I'll politely use for my post.)

But I have to bow down on one knee and give it up to blog vixen Foxxxylove. At first, she wasn't going to waste her Sunday nights watching the ladies compete for Flavor Flav's love, but I convinced her to stay with the show. She did, and continue to provide her readers with hilarious recaps of the series. And without fail, she recently posted a final recap of the Reunion show. Thanks Foxxylove!

As for me, I totally enjoyed the chaos. Some of the highlights for me were:

Goldie telling Cherries to [shut the fuck up]. Of course, Goldie didn't say that, but I was hoping she would. I'm also happy to see that the Goldie is pursuing her newfound career as a stand-up comic.

Also on the show, Flavor Flav did something to Hottie that she couldn't do with an uncooked chicken -- he roasted her big ass. On the "Reunion" show, Flav told Hottie she didn't have a brain for cooking a raw chicken in the microwave for 20 seconds, and then try to serve it to his moms. Then Flav starts singing "If I Only Had a Brain," which was probably one of the more funnier moments on the show. And surprisingly, Hottie took Foofy's insults all in stride -- with a smile on her face and batting her big eyelashes. What a dodo bird.


And here's something that you probably missed during Hottie's brief appearance -- her shaved beaver! I kid you not. Apparently, Hottie also was stupid enough not to wear panties on the show. Take a look at THIS. (props to TV Gasm)

Oh . . . my . . . God. Hottie you are D-U-M-B, and a little skanky too.

But forget about Hottie, I came for the main event -- the rematch between ditzy spitfire Pumkin and the bitchy New York.

Unfortunately, the only thing Pumpkin and New York could spit were insults at one another because Big Rick kept these two ladies faaaar apart. I would have love to see New York bitch slap Pumkin. But alas, Pumkin was hauling ass every time New York started throwing chairs and scenery around. But I'm not going to front, New York was looking very svelte and hot -- I loved her black outfit.

In the end, the Reunion show offered one a bit of good news -- there will be a Flavor of Love: Season 2.

Yeeaah Booyee!

And check this out: Producers of the show are currently holding casting calls for H.A.M.s, err, excuse me, ladies who want to appear on Flavor of Love Season 2. Auditions were already held in Atlanta, Chicago and Houston with more to come. But if you can't make it to the casting calls, don't worry, you can apply HERE.

In the meantime, if you want to meet the Flavor of Love Girls -- up close and personal, they are going on a U.S. tour.

It's redonkolous but true -- rejected contestants Hottie, Sweetie, Peaches, Smiley, Goldie and others will embark on a Flavor of Love Girls Tour. They already hit one city -- Atlanta. You can watch video clips HERE.


Here are some additional FOL goodies to check out:

Read Dallas Penn's interview with photographer Piper Carter, who recently did the photo shoot with Hoopz (real name Nikki Alexander) for the latest issue of King magazine. And on the real, Piper is a hottie, herself.

Also, Hoopz recently did an interview with her hometown newspaper, Detroit Free Press. In the article, Hoopz revealed that after the show, she did kick it with Flavor Flav for a little while they were vacationing in Paris, but soon realized that she wasn't IN LOVE with Foofy. "I'm not in love with him [and] we're not about to get married," she says. "And [Flav is] not in love with me. We're better off just being friends. I mean, he lives in L.A., Las Vegas, New York. I understand. I live in Michigan. He's more into keeping to entertainment. I'm more just chillin'."

Flaaavooor Flaaav!


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