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We can please have a moment of silence . . . .

For D12 rapper Proof (real name Deshaun Holton) who was slain early Tuesday morning.

Rap advocate/blogger Wendy Day wrote a eulogy in rememberence of Proof. It's an odd one -- she calls Proof a "muppet" because he was always clowning and very energetic. (In the future Wendy, chose your words carefully -- nobody wants to be remembered as a muppet, but we get the point.) She types:

I know that wherever [Proof] is, he's in a better place. I want to say "rest in peace, dear friend," but I know that's not possible. I know he's running around with incredible energy, entertaining everyone [in heaven]. That's just Proof.
I read another post from a blogger who wrote that this wasn't such a terrible lost to hip-hop since Proof wasn't a well-known (i.e. multiplatinum-selling) rapper. But I have to disagree. A death -- particularly, in this case, a senseless death -- of a young African-American male deserves to be eulogize. We must stop the violence in our communities.

Proof contributions in the rap game is worthy enough because he befriended -- and some say help lyrically and creatively mold -- Eminem. And much like the late J Dilla, was very much a part of shaping the Detroit hip-hop movement, yet avoided the limelight. "Seeing what happened to Eminem's personal life as a result of worldwide fame "made [Proof] concerned about having too much success," said Dan Hoops, a lawyer for Proof's Iron Fist Records label. Local rapper Phat Kat said Proof's death is "a great loss to the Detroit hip-hop community." Fellow Detroit rapper Hush adds: "There is no Detroit hip-hop scene without Proof."

Peep this Proof and J Dilla collaboration I spotted at

And can we please have a moment of silence for June Pointer, the youngest sibling of the girl group The Pointer Sisters. The vocalist died of cancer on Tuesday at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. She was 52 years old.

Mister JT remembers the Pointer Sister.

America is slowly losing its soul.


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