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Monday Mr. Me Too

Here are some music and videos that I'm currently enjoying right now:

Clipse (F/ Pharrell Williams) -- "Mr. Me Too" (Music Video)

Clipse have the streets abuzzin' again. Nice video. Yeah, I know, everybody meet Mr. Me Too.

Joey from Straight Bangin' wrote an excellent concert recap of last Saturday's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, which featured performances from Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco, Big Daddy Kane and others. There's even video to watch, too. Joey is da man! Great job.

Jay-Z -- The King of New York. C&D's blog vixen Fresh got the photos to match.

Jigga rocked New York City over the weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his classic album, "Reasonable Doubt." Roc-A-Fella, y'all.

Busta Rhymes (F/ Stevie Wonder) -- "Been Through the Storm" (Audio)

One of the best Rap/R&B collabos of 2006. I predict that Bussa-Buss and Stevie will nabbed a Grammy for this track next year at the awards ceremony.

Kanye West (F/ Paul Wall, GLC, T.I.) -- "Drive Slow" (Remix) (Music Video)

I didn't know K-Weezy dropped a video for "Drive Slow"? This clip is hot!

Janet Jackson (F/ Nelly) -- "Call On Me" (Audio)

Eh . . . whatever.

Elan -- "Together As One" (Audio)

Eh . . . whatever.

Rhymefest -- "Fever" (Music Video)

Rhymefest is back with another single, which he hopes will remind rap heads that his new album, "Blue Collar," is hitting stores on July 11. This is a nice street-oriented, subway clip, but I don't know if it's going to lure kiddies to the record stores. Props to Rhymefest though -- when was the last time you saw a rapper busting rhymes on the L train in a video? I think it was Fabolous back in 2001 with that song "Holla Back."

Nas -- "Where Y'all At" (Audio)

I like this Nas joint. I think we might hear another "Illmatic" classic from the Chosen One in the fall.

Tha Dogg Pound -- "Sittin' on 23's" (Audio)

I like the gangsta lean (or the swagger jackin') on this joint. This is some real west coast shit. Throw your W's up. Wesssiiiide!

I haven't done this in awhile, so I figured I bring back. I just simply went to my iTunes "Party Shuffle," hit "Refresh" and tah-dah! What you're looking at are the top 15 randomly selected joints out of 700+ songs that are stored in my iTunes.

Okay . . . . moving right along . . . below is a music meme. Play along kiddies.

From the meme genius at Music Memoirs:

First: Pick 5 of your favorite artists.

01. John Coltrane
02. Public Enemy
03. Stevie Wonder
04. Earth, Wind & Fire
05. Busta Rhymes
(My favorite artist currently. Sorry, I couldn't think of anyone else.)

Second: Pick your favorite song off their last album. (if their last album was a greatest hits album . . . go to their last studio album)

01. "Om" -- from John Coltrane's final studio album (before his death) called Om.
(** This is a tough one because John Coltrane is still dropping albums posthumously. I went with "Om" but this album may not be John's final recording. But this is the last album that I have in my extensive John Coltrane record collection. The rest are greatest hits and other recordings.)

02. "Shut 'Em Down" -- from Public Enemy's fourth album, Apocalypse '91 . . . The Enemy Strikes Black
(** "Apocalypse" IS NOT P.E.'s last studio album. I chose their fourth album because any music P.E. did post-"Apocalypse" was either garbage or irrevelant.)

03. "Blue Moon" -- from Stevie Wonder's Grammy-nominated album, A Time to Love
04. "(Don't Let Love) Pass You By" -- from Earth, Wind & Fire's Illumination album
05. "Been Through the Storm" (Featuring Stevie Wonder) -- from Bussa-Buss' The Big Bang album