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Son Of A Beach

Hotter Than July

You made my soul a burning fire/
You're getting to be my one desire/
You're getting to be all that matters to me/
And let me tell you girl/
I hope and pray each day I live/
A little more love I'll have to give/
A little more love that's devoted and true/
'Cause all I do is think about you . . .

-- Stevie Wonder, "All I Do" from his album, Hotter Than July

Aside from Stevie Wonder's indelible classic albums Innervisions and Talking Book, no album came as close to those perfections as Hotter Than July. In fact, it's truly a great summer album. Songs like "Master Blaster (Jammin')" always gets played at a Bar-B-Q party somewhere in the United States. Of course, "Lately," is a beautiful ballad. And let's keep it real: Jodeci's reinterpretation of "Lately" on MTV's Uptown Unplugged television concert in 1993 was fantastic. In fact, they own the song; so much so, that no one knows that it's even a Stevie Wonder classic. But "All I Do" is the gem of Hotter Than July -- a perfect song of love and devotion.

Which brings me to this week's cutie pie. Good Googly Moogly! She's must tired because she has been running through my mind ever since I posted this picture. LOL! Whoo-wee!

She's a proud Mexican from Nebraska and currently resides in Arizona. The twenty-something beauty pays the bills as a makeup artist and hairstylist. Her very popular modeling website is something she does on the side as a way to facilitate her dreams of becoming a top model in the fashion industry. The naturally blonde, 36-24-38, kickboxing-certified vixen is single and hopes to one day meet Mr. Right. "I always have been very passionate about having kids and raising them in a peaceful, loving home," she writes on her website. "This is my main passion, having children that are also my best friends, that can grow up along with me with a loving and supportive husband."

Sing along with me fellas: Allll . . IIII . . Doooo . . (Good Googly Moogly!) . . is think about uuuu . . .

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