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Son Of A Beach

In a couple of weeks, your boy is heading down to Miami Beach for a little R&R. I need a vacation really bad. I'm trying to get away from the rat race and smell the ocean, ya feel me? It seems like all I do every day is work . . sleep . . work . . sleep . . work . . sleep, and nothing in between. I need some ME time. Ya feel me?

Anyhoo, speaking of Miami Beach, this week's curveous bombshell is from the M-I-A and her name is Platinum. Packing a bodacious frame (34C-26-41 -- Wowser!), this spiritual-minded queen is on her hustle like Rick Ross -- she's whippin' it real hard in the modeling game, y'all. To check out more hot pics, surf to her personal website.

Hopefully, I can catch up with her when I'm down in Miami Beach. ;-P


Hotter Than July

You made my soul a burning fire/
You're getting to be my one desire/
You're getting to be all that matters to me/
And let me tell you girl/
I hope and pray each day I live/
A little more love I'll have to give/
A little more love that's devoted and true/
'Cause all I do is think about you . . .

-- Stevie Wonder, "All I Do" from his album, Hotter Than July

Aside from Stevie Wonder's indelible classic albums Innervisions and Talking Book, no album came as close to those perfections as Hotter Than July. In fact, it's truly a great summer album. Songs like "Master Blaster (Jammin')" always gets played at a Bar-B-Q party somewhere in the United States. Of course, "Lately," is a beautiful ballad. And let's keep it real: Jodeci's reinterpretation of "Lately" on MTV's Uptown Unplugged television concert in 1993 was fantastic. In fact, they own the song; so much so, that no one knows that it's even a Stevie Wonder classic. But "All I Do" is the gem of Hotter Than July -- a perfect song of love and devotion.

Which brings me to this week's cutie pie. Good Googly Moogly! She's must tired because she has been running through my mind ever since I posted this picture. LOL! Whoo-wee!

She's a proud Mexican from Nebraska and currently resides in Arizona. The twenty-something beauty pays the bills as a makeup artist and hairstylist. Her very popular modeling website is something she does on the side as a way to facilitate her dreams of becoming a top model in the fashion industry. The naturally blonde, 36-24-38, kickboxing-certified vixen is single and hopes to one day meet Mr. Right. "I always have been very passionate about having kids and raising them in a peaceful, loving home," she writes on her website. "This is my main passion, having children that are also my best friends, that can grow up along with me with a loving and supportive husband."

Sing along with me fellas: Allll . . IIII . . Doooo . . (Good Googly Moogly!) . . is think about uuuu . . .

To check out her pics or send love letters, click THIS.


Savor The Love

My summer has been dull so far but all of that is about to change.

VH1's popular reality series Flavor of Love is returning for a second season in August.

The premise is still the same: 20 female contestants will compete with one another to become Flavor Flav's boo. There will be plenty of backstabbing and bitch fights galore!

Now if you recall from season one, I predicted Hoopz to win it all from the very first episode.
Other shockers from season one was when Pumkin spit right in New York's face -- truly the greatest worst moment in reality TV history.

Looking at the picture above, no one sticks out particularly as the one who will capture Flavor Flav's heart.

In any case, Flavor of Love, Season 2 will premiere on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET on Aug. 6. Check out a preview of season 2, right HERE.

Of course, I will be glued to the boob tube. And hopefully, blog vixen The Real Foxxxylove will return in August to give us her excellent recaps of every episode from season 2.

I can't wait . . . .

Yeah, boooyeee!


On The Come Up

You might recognize this cutie pie -- look closely. She's the one that will make you say, "Yo, wasn't baby girl in that crappy movie with Snoop Dogg and Method Man?" Yep, that's her. If you have a bootleg copy of Soul Plane lying around, look for this beauty as one of Snoop's personal flight attendants.

Lately, she's been making power moves in Hollywood as an actress with the hopes of becoming a household name. The twenty-something South Korea born, New Jersey-raised, L.A. girl used to work as a publicist for a few record labels before pursuing a modeling and acting career. Now with a role in the horror flick 7eventy5ive -- starring opposite funnyman Brian Hooks -- on tap for later this year, she hopes to continue her Hollywood buzz.

To check out her resumé and pics, click HERE.


Lost Laughs

Dave Chappelle is back, bitches! Well, sort of . . .

Despite Dallas Penn urging people to not watch Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episode . . . I couldn't turned myself away from my flat-screen TV.

It was hard for me to enjoy Sunday's premiere of Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes knowing that the funnyman was against the network airing the so-called "lost" footage. Comedy Central piecemeal together the unused skits into a three-episode showcase with comedians Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings hosting the series. "If it wasn't for Dave Chappelle, y'all motherfuckers would still be calling me Eddie Murphy's brother," quipped Charlie at the top of the show.

The first skit was the funniest one of them all. It revealed Chappelle's insecurities with his fame after nabbing a $50 million deal. The bit, which I like the call the "Ka-Chung" sketch, shows Dave -- after his newfound wealth -- being strong-armed for cash from his barber, mechanic and the IRS. Dave gets so tired of being robbed that he hires the "nigga from The Green Mile" as his bodyguard for $4,000 a week to hold him down -- and even that fails. In the final scene, an IRS agent shoots Chappelle's bodyguard. The bodyguard, who lies dying gasping for air, tells Dave: "Money: the root of all evil. The IRS pulled the trigger, but your greed did this to me, Dave. You didn't have to do two more seasons, no matter how good the show is. They're only gonna say it's not as good as last year was."

Dave hasn't lost his comedic edge, but some of his sketches weren't funny. One boring sketch features Dave -- caked in white makeup -- as an anchorman reporting on Method Man's torture rap (from Wu-Tang Clan's 1994 hit "Method Man") coming to life on the streets of New York. Granted, Dave likes to poke fun at rappers (check out his Lil Jon parodies from season two), but the Wu-Tang Clan -- as a group -- are pretty outdated as a target for jokes. I did enjoy Dave's spoof on Tupac Shakur's lyrics being so prophetic in 1994 that the late rapper could predict what Dave was doing in 2006.

All and all, some of the sketches were amusing but none of them were classic -- thus, the rub in watching all of this material. What was missing from the show were sketches of Dave's examination of race in America like the Black White Supremacist Clayton Bigsby from season one, or the superbly funny "Racial Draft" from season two.

I'm glad that Chappelle's Show is back on the television albeit for only three episodes. I'm sure I'll like the next two shows but I have to keep my expectations very low. I have to enjoy them for what they are -- just outtakes, nothing more or less.

To Dave Chappelle: Please come back, you are sorely missed.