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Savor The Love

My summer has been dull so far but all of that is about to change.

VH1's popular reality series Flavor of Love is returning for a second season in August.

The premise is still the same: 20 female contestants will compete with one another to become Flavor Flav's boo. There will be plenty of backstabbing and bitch fights galore!

Now if you recall from season one, I predicted Hoopz to win it all from the very first episode.
Other shockers from season one was when Pumkin spit right in New York's face -- truly the greatest worst moment in reality TV history.

Looking at the picture above, no one sticks out particularly as the one who will capture Flavor Flav's heart.

In any case, Flavor of Love, Season 2 will premiere on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET on Aug. 6. Check out a preview of season 2, right HERE.

Of course, I will be glued to the boob tube. And hopefully, blog vixen The Real Foxxxylove will return in August to give us her excellent recaps of every episode from season 2.

I can't wait . . . .

Yeah, boooyeee!