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How Long Are We Gonna Mourn Him?

"[2Pac] was my nigga. Before he got on Death Row, we was like real good friends. We met at the Poetic Justice wrap party and we was freestyling that night. That's the first time we actually met each other. We was freestyling, and he rolled a blunt. I wasn't even smoking blunts. I was smoking zig-zags. We went to the store together and we got cool. Then we started hanging out goin' to each other's house. He'd invite the hoes over. I'd invite the hoes over. It was just on some homie love shit.

"Then once he got cracked and went to jail, I put the word to Suge that we needed to put him on the team. So Suge went to visit him about putting him down and you know it was like, rescue. He felt like we rescued him. I gave him all of my shit. I gave him my cousin Daz. Daz lace him with all the hot beats. [Dr. Dre] lace him with all the hot shit. 'Whatever’s mines is yours.'"
-- Snoop Dogg on his friendship with 2Pac

I've spotted a few more interesting 2Pac tributes:

First up, music journalist/former Vibe editor Erik Parker has posted his two-part interview with XXL magazine's Editor-in-Chief Elliott "YN" Wilson. The two discuss 2Pac's legacy and why he and the late Notorious B.I.G. are the most revered rappers 10 years after their deaths. Elliott also responds to the critics who say that 50 Cent and Interscope Records have XXL magazine in their back pockets.

Elliott Wilson on the "Parker Report": Part I and Part II.

[Side Note: If I was a BET Entertainment Program Director, I would be calling up Erik to see if he would like to bring his show to cable. It would be a good look for him and BET on Sundays. Forget that dude Cousin Jeff. Not because I think he's traitor. That's his thing. I just don't find him to be an appealing TV personality.]

Journalist Kevin Powell -- who has written extensive stories on 2Pac during his tenure at Vibe magazine in the late '90s -- weighs in on his thoughts about his late friend.

Also, check out a round table discussion on 2Pac -- featuring rappers Pudgee The Phat Bastard, Buckshot the BDI Thug, Chino XL, Cormega, DJ Fatal and journalist Adisa Banjoko.

Finally, Snoop Dogg reflects on the good times with his late homie 2Pac.

[Links via AllHipHop.com]