Love Hangover

Souled Out

Nothing much is happening in my daily life beside work, work, work and more work.

Anyway, I wanted to give y'all a heads up on a few favorite new "soulful" blogs that has caught my eye (and ears) recently, and I thought I would share.

Souled On Music: Music, Art, Poltics and Life

Blogger Scholar is a true music man. Whenever he can, this writer hosts audio files (MP3s) of some great souled out music. Most recently, he did a post featuring "soul" joints by crooner Joe Simon, Judy Clay and a "souled out" remix of Jay-Z's "Lucifer." This is a nice music blog.

Soulfull of Thoughts

Blogger Soulfull is full of soul and has a good heart. She's an aspiring novelist and journalist living outside of the Washington, DC area. She types (writes) thoughtful reflections on her own life, but the main attraction is her detailed music reviews. She recently reviewed Lupe Fiasco's hot debut CD Food & Liquor. And here comes the best part -- she added audio links to every song on Lupe's disc. Now that's dope. She also critiqued CDs by Fergie and Justin Timberlake, as well. Soulfull also has a hip-hop blog called It's a Rap.

Beauty N The Beat

Do you want to hear the latest in R&B music? Look no further than Beauty N The Beat. Blogstress Beauty provides a wonderful service of hosting audio tracks of the latest singles from your favorite R&B artists. But hurry, most of these tracks are for promotional use only so they don't stay up long. Beauty recently posted new tracks from Fantasia, Dave Hollister (he's back!), Diddy (Do it! Do it! Do it!), Lupe Fiasco and Janet Jackson. Check out her music review on J.J.'s new CD, 20 Y.O., which hits stores Tuesday (Sept. 26). Beauty gave the disc a thumbs up. "This album is a beautiful surprise, Janet did her thing . . . ," she says.

Check these blogs out, linked them up and come back often.