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Love Hangover

I haven't watched a single episode of Flavor of Love 2 since the tragically depressing season premiere in August. We all know what happened on that episode -- it was a real shat-tering experience (Sorry).

So I decided to take a peek at Sunday's season finale (Oct. 15), and was pleasantly surprised of the outcome. If you want to read a recap of the season finale, check out it HERE.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the Flavor of Love installments. However, I do think that New York should get her own reality series though -- something that will also involve her crazy mom in the show.

I doubt that Flavor Flav has finally found true love with London Charles. The only reason why she was on the show -- like the rest of the ladies -- was to promote her modeling website and MySpace page. I'm not hating -- it is, what it is.

But we must thank Flavor of Love for giving us two seasons of the most outrageous television to ever hit the idiot box. Critics say that FoL 2 was unabashed coonery, which is debatable. We must remember that these ladies weren't forced to act like chickenheads for the camera. So at the very least, it's an embarrassment that Black folks still don't know how to act when the cameras are on or when they are off. And let's be honest, if Flavor Flav was an attractive man, those naysayers who disliked the series wouldn't be so angry about the stupidity that happened weekly on the show.

But thank God it's over. Now we can go on with our normal lives. LOL!

Flavooor Flaaav!