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Best of '06: Hookers Of The Year

Best of '06: Worst Rap CD Title

Rasco -- The Dick Swanson Theory (Pockets Linted)

The Dick Swanson Theory by Bay Area (Calif.) rhyme-spitter Rasco was the very first rap CD I purchased in January 2006, despite it's horrendous title. Dick Swanson sounds like a name of a porn star not an alias for a well-respected braggadocios lyricist. Nevertheless, I bought the disc because I'm a major fan of Rasco's work since Time Waits For No Man. Unfortunately, Dick is not his best work to date (an extra no homo, just in case). There are a few hard joints on the collection ("No Love," "Chances," "Emotions") but the rest is limp. (No homo; all suggestive puns intended.)

"Even though the album could have benefited from some more conceptual material, there is no denying Rasco's lyrical ability. And while the West Coast underground scene may not get the attention it deserves, you can be guaranteed that won't stop Rasco from pumping out consistent albums for the foreseeable future." --

Jim Jones -- Hustler's P.O.M.E. P.O.E.M (Koch/Dipset)

I'm not hating on Jim Jones, but let's keep it real -- J.J.'s CD title is a major typo. The New York rapper -- who's flying high with his remix/video for "We Fly High" -- recovered nicely with the title P.O.M.E (Product of My Environment), but I'm quite sure ol' Jimbo wanted it spelled "P.O.E.M." As for the rest of the disc . . . I'll pass.

But please read Passion of the Weiss' review of Hustler's P.O.M.E. -- it's a great piece of music writing and it's hilarious. Here's a clip:

A Day In the Life of Jim Jones [according to Hustler's P.O.M.E (Product Of My Environment)]

7:23 p.m. Jim Jones decides that tonight he will fly high. Suddenly, he has a flashback to last week when he was ballin. Jim Jones likes flashbacks. He also likes bub. Tonight, he vows that he will order 10 bottles of Bub by 2 in the morning.

8:23 p.m. Jim Jones receives a phone call. He checks the caller ID. It is one of his hos. Damnit! When he checks the voicemail, she tells him how upset she is about how the last time they had sex and he left a $100 bill on the dresser. She also tells him that she wants more out of the relationship than a Dipset tattoo. Ha ha. Jim Jones will have nothing of the sort. He declares that treating women like prostitutes is definitely baallinn!!


*** This post has been inspired by that nigga, oops, excuse me, that Negro, Jason Toney.