You Are Not A Nigga . . .
Best of '06: Worst Rap CD Title

Total Clipse Of My Heart

"The reason why we keep driving like we do is that we still have a genuine love for hip-hop. This is our story. 50 Cent got shot. Kanye West got into an accident. The Clipse went through hell."
-- Pusha T from Interview

Let's talk about the Clipse.

First, this is not a lovefest for the Clipse. So turn your "hipster" radars off, please. Thank you.

But I do have to make a confession . . .

After weeks of playing the Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury in my iPod, I have to give the disc a thumbs up.

Is HHNF a hip-hop classic? Hell No! (all puns intended)

But I agree with critic Brendan Frederick, the disc is pure fishcale, no Ghostface Killah. Ya feel me? I'm not saying that it's better than Ghost's Fishscale set, but if you put those two collections together you will have yourself some real Hip-Hop Crack.

I'm not going to bore you with a long review, but here are my thoughts:

On My Score Card: Out of the 12 tracks on the disc, it has a 7 to 5 hotness ratio -- 7 dope tracks and 5 wack joints.

Standout Tracks On The Collection:

1) "Nightmares" (F/ Bilal)

2) "We Got it For Cheap" (Intro)

3) "Keys Open Doors" (DJ Green Latern Mix)

The song is haunting like the streets.
"The realest shit I ever wrote/ Not 'Pac inspired/ It's Crack Pot inspired/ My real nigga's quote . . ."

4) "Momma I'm So Sorry"

5) "Ride Around Shining" (featuring Ab-Liva)

One Song I'm Not Feeling On The Disc:

The wacky experimentation of "Trill."

Another Downside:

Too much crack-slinging wordplays for me, but Clipse's duo Malice and Pusha T were more engaging with their coked-up lyrics than Miami hustler Rick Ross.

Word of the Day: "Eghck!"