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My Anthems '07

(both photos jacked from AOL. Shhhh!)

In 2005, it was 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way." (R.I.P. Disco D)

In 2006, it was Rick Ross' "Hustlin'."

In 2007, I have two "get money" anthems that motivates me to work hard and achieve my life goals assignments.

Rich Boy -- "Throw Some D's"

Mims -- "This is Why I'm Hot"

The sad part about both of these songs is that they feature bullshit lyrics. But these street bangers do boast a head-nodding beat and an infectious hook. As far as I'm concern, Rich and Mims have the first two great anthemic tracks of 2007.

I just have to flipped the lyrics a little to fit my life.

For Example:

When I'm working at the office and I'm behind on deadline, I say to myself, "I betta throw some D's on this assignment and get it to the editor."

Yeah, I know, "throw some D's on my work?" Hey whatever gets me motivated. As soon as I hear that Rich Boy track and I'm revved up. And yes, I do like producer Palow da Don's verse: "I never slip, I never fall/ A lot of ho's give me they numbers but I never call . . . "

As for Mims' catchy "This is Why I'm Hot" -- a slick amalagamation of snap, crunk & hip-pop -- I used the song to boost my self-aggrandizement.

Like, two weeks ago, when I gave two boxes of my old clothes away to the local Salvation Army, I walked around all day rapping to myself:

"This is why I'm hot/
This is why I'm hot/
I give back to the 'hood/
Most rappers do not/
This song is the shit/
And I can't stop/
This is why, This is why
This is why I'm hot"

Ha! Ha! Let me stop trippin'. Anyway, I'm just giving you a glimpse into how my crazy mind works sometimes.

So what is your motivational anthem for 2007?


And I'm Telling You . . . I Want Diversity!

Dreams were truly fulfilled at the 79th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 25.

Jennifer Hudson took home the Best Supporting-Actress Oscar prize for her performance as Effie White in the hit musical flick, Dreamgirls. "I cannot believe this," said a tearful Jennifer during her acceptance speech. "Look what God can do." Another overwhelmed honoree was Forest Whitaker who won for best actor (The Last King of Scotland). "It is possible for a kid from East Texas . . . who believes in his dreams [and] commits himself to them with his heart . . . to have them happen," he said.

Now it's time to dream for more diversity in Hollywood.


Love Is: J Dilla

"Love can free us to which some react as a slave.
Funny, we love 'em more when they relaxed in a grave . . ."

-- Common, "Love Is" (scroll down a little bit)

In Remembrance of James Dewitt Yancey (1974-2006)

I didn't get a chance to publish my own commemorative post on the anniversary of J Dilla's untimely passing (Feb. 10) like so many other bloggers did this past weekend. I figured I eulogized the influential producer on the eve of Valentine's Day.

On Feb. 14, J Dilla was laid to rest, among his family and friends. So in celebration of Valentine's Day, I will salute the man who was loved by many in the hip-hop community.

Dilla was recently honored as Artist of the Year and Record Producer of the Year at the 2007 PLUG Independent Music Awards ceremony in New York. Dilla's mother, Maureen Yancey, and fellow hip-hoppers Common and Pharrell offered their loving thoughts to the late studio maverick via videotape.

Also, Stones Throw will celebrate the life and music of the great beatsmith for the entire month of February. And don't forget, Stones Throw will re-release Dilla Dawg's hard-to-find 2003 Ruff Draft compilation on March 20. The 2-CD collection boasts four bonus songs and an instrumental disc.

This past weekend, the blogsphere stood up and honored the producer with some loving tributes.

Here's A Sampling:

Fader magazine: Shine On . . . and On

J Dilla's friends talk about some of the late maestro's greatest productions.

Have you ever wondered what would Jay-Z sound like over a J Dilla beat? Well, listen to DJ Soul's mash-up song of Jigga's "Song Cry" (from Blueprint) with Dilla's "Don't Cry" (from Donuts).

Straight Bangin': The Melancholy Year

Blogger Enigmatik posted a musical tribute to J Dilla.

An old but insightful J Dilla interview found at crate kings.

Check Out Some J Dilla Joints:

J Dilla -- "Make 'Em NV" (from Ruff Draft)

J Dilla -- "Won't Do" (music video)

Bookmark this!: Check out Rich Underground Soundscape's radio blog featuring an astounding 30-plus J Dilla tribute mixes by various DJs. Yo, this is some redonkolous shit, right here. Turn it up!

Jaylib -- "Champion Sound"

Common -- "E=MC²" (from The Shining)

Donuts in MySpace:

Q-Tip -- "Move"

The Visionaries -- "All Right"

J Dilla -- "Wild"

Also, cop the "Dilla Lives" T-shirt exclusively at Giant Peach. Yeah, I know the shirt looks a little low budget, but portions from the sales of the tee will go to the Dilla Foundation.

Top 10 Most Played J Dilla Tracks**

01. Love Is: Common
02. Time: The Donuts of the Heart: J Dilla
03. Stepson of the Clapper: J Dilla
04. Two Can Win: J Dilla
05. The Movement: Common (from 2K6: The Tracks soundtrack)
06. Runnin': The Pharcyde
07. Champion Sound: Jaylib
08. Get Dis Money: Slum Village
09. Jungle Love (F/ MED & Gulity Simpson): J Dilla
10. Bye: J Dilla

**According to my iTunes "Dilla Donuts" Playlist

Rest in Power J Dilla!