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Forget about Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, check out this "Dream" Girl.

And I'm telling you . . . she is hot.

A native of Phoenix, Ariz., this Spanish and Mexican tamalé works during the day as a veterinarian taking care of horses at a racetrack. When she's not handling steed, "Dre" -- as her friends call her -- is trying to make moves in the modeling game. "I would like to see where it takes me," says the 36B-27-40 stallion who dubbed herself El Sueño Español ("the Spanish dream"). "If doors open up then great, but if not, it will continue to be my hobby. I love the camera." The 29-year-old vixen also appears in the Fantasy Girl Calendar 2007 "Tasty Flavors Edition" (Miss September). You can check out the Spanish dream at her official website, MySpace page and modeling website.

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