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"From the floor to the ceilin'/
Detroit in the muthafuckin' buildin'/
Destroy everything that we killin'/
D-Boy on the big-boy wheels, Yup! "

-- Black Milk, "Sound the Alarm"

J.Dilla may be gone, but his musical legacy carries on inside the heart of several Detroit-area producers and rappers who have been influenced by the late hip-hop maestro.

In particularly, studio maverick and rhyme-spitter Black Milk.

Black Milk's sophomore disc, Popular Demand (Fat Beats), is the first great rap album in 2007, so far. The set's first single, "Sound the Alarm" (F/ Guilty Simpson) is bangin' and is on major rotation in my iPod. The video for the song is also great (watch it HERE).

The Almighty Bol gave his approval of Popular Demand in his recently-posted music review. "[It's] a modern day Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop [Diamond D's classic '90s-era album], but with somewhat better rappin'," he writes.

Elsewhere, critic Candace Simmons of Baller Status loved Popular Demand, complementing Black's lyrical swagger and production abilities. "If Black Milk's goal is to make good music and leave his mark on hip-hop," she types, "then Popular Demand is evidence of that possibility and proof that he's already ahead of the game."

For those of you unfamiliar with Black Milk, check out this excellent interview conducted by Todd E. Jones of Insomniac Magazine.

Also, for all you hungry bedroom producers out there, let Black Milk show you how he creates magic in the studio.

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Black Milk -- Popular Demand (in stores March 13)

J. Dilla -- Ruff Draft (in stores March 20)