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Forget about Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, check out this "Dream" Girl.

And I'm telling you . . . she is hot.

A native of Phoenix, Ariz., this Spanish and Mexican tamalé works during the day as a veterinarian taking care of horses at a racetrack. When she's not handling steed, "Dre" -- as her friends call her -- is trying to make moves in the modeling game. "I would like to see where it takes me," says the 36B-27-40 stallion who dubbed herself El Sueño Español ("the Spanish dream"). "If doors open up then great, but if not, it will continue to be my hobby. I love the camera." The 29-year-old vixen also appears in the Fantasy Girl Calendar 2007 "Tasty Flavors Edition" (Miss September). You can check out the Spanish dream at her official website, MySpace page and modeling website.

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Da Job Blog

I don't have time to blog . . . I have a job.

I just recently copped Consequence's new disc, Don't Quit Your Day Job, and it's a great rap collection. Along with Black Milk's Popular Demand, it's one of my favorite rap discs of 2007.

And don't forget -- J.Dilla's Ruff Draft hits stores on March 20. Cop that ish!!

I'm also checking for the new disc from Devin the Dude -- probably one of the most underrated rap artists in the game right now. I'm loving his latest single, "What a Job" (featuring Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg). It's nice introspective track with Andre and Snoop spitting their most thought-provoking rap verses in a while. I really embraced the lyrics on this excellent song. Devin's CD, Waiting to Inhale, arrives in stores on March 20.

On the dancehall front, who is this cat Collie Buddz? His joint, "Come Around," is tearin' up the clubs. The beat on this is sick. My iPod headbuds rattle every time I played this song. Big-Ups to Collie!

I'm also feeling the new Kelly Rowland ditty, "Like This" (featuring Eve). B-bbbangin'! You go girl!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have premiered a fun (and funny) new music video for their funky song, "Hump De Bump." The clip is a spoof (or homage?) of Dave Chappelle's 2005 concert film, Block Party. Chris, who is a good friend of RHCPs frontman Anthony Kiedis, directed the clip. "Anthony paged me [asking] if I want to do it," he explains to the Boston Globe. "I paged him back, 'Sure, as long as you guys agree to be the only white people in the video.'" And they are the only white people in the video rocking it out at a block party where there's fun, music and plenty of booty. Chris Rock is the next Hype Williams! Nah, I keed, I keed!

Speaking of Chris Rock, his new flick I Think I Love My Wife, looks like a funny movie. I don't think its going to be the biggest comedy of the year, but as far as a "date movie," this looks good. Peep the uncensored and very funny movie trailer for I Think . . . , right HERE.

And please watch Chris' extremely important Public Service Announcement -- How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked By the Police. It's very . . very informative.


Momma Mia!

This golden 36DD-27-39 statuesque cutie grew up in the "Yay" or "Yee" Area -- specifically in Richmond, Calif. (home of the Hyphy Movement). The 28-year-old vixen got her modeling start after posting her profile on MySpace and accepting an offer to model for the freakazoid man himself, Big Tigger. Although she looks Hispanic she's actually African-American and Swedish. Plus, this Leo hottie brags that she can bust anyone's ass in a game of dominoes. "I'm the Domino champion," she tells King magazine. "That's what I'm famous for on MySpace." You know the drill -- check out her MySpace page.

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B.I.G. Ups

Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace (May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997)

It's been 10 years . . .

"Biggie's legacy is his music. And that's as strong now as ever. "
-- DJ Mister Cee, the man who discovered B.I.G. and submitted his demo tape to Puff Daddy [via]

Other Biggie Tributes

We will always love you Big Poppa . . .

Rest in Power!


Got Milk?

"From the floor to the ceilin'/
Detroit in the muthafuckin' buildin'/
Destroy everything that we killin'/
D-Boy on the big-boy wheels, Yup! "

-- Black Milk, "Sound the Alarm"

J.Dilla may be gone, but his musical legacy carries on inside the heart of several Detroit-area producers and rappers who have been influenced by the late hip-hop maestro.

In particularly, studio maverick and rhyme-spitter Black Milk.

Black Milk's sophomore disc, Popular Demand (Fat Beats), is the first great rap album in 2007, so far. The set's first single, "Sound the Alarm" (F/ Guilty Simpson) is bangin' and is on major rotation in my iPod. The video for the song is also great (watch it HERE).

The Almighty Bol gave his approval of Popular Demand in his recently-posted music review. "[It's] a modern day Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop [Diamond D's classic '90s-era album], but with somewhat better rappin'," he writes.

Elsewhere, critic Candace Simmons of Baller Status loved Popular Demand, complementing Black's lyrical swagger and production abilities. "If Black Milk's goal is to make good music and leave his mark on hip-hop," she types, "then Popular Demand is evidence of that possibility and proof that he's already ahead of the game."

For those of you unfamiliar with Black Milk, check out this excellent interview conducted by Todd E. Jones of Insomniac Magazine.

Also, for all you hungry bedroom producers out there, let Black Milk show you how he creates magic in the studio.

All My Live Hip-Hoppers Stand Up!

Black Milk -- Popular Demand (in stores March 13)

J. Dilla -- Ruff Draft (in stores March 20)