Real Ass Life
Hey Mama

Word Up!

Stop! It's Meme Time!

I swiped this from Music Memoirs. Play along if you like.

RULES: A bit of word song association . . . I'm going to give you some words and you tell us what song best describes them.

The Weather: "Summertime" -- DJ Jazz Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Yeah, I know it's spring, but I can't wait for the summertime -- barbecues, women wearing booty shorts, July 4th, women wearing booty shorts, Miami Beach, outdoor concerts, women wearing booty shorts . . . HA!

Your State of Mind: "New York State of Mind" -- Nas
Hey, I work in New York so I'm always on the grind.

Cheese: "Throw Some D's" -- Rich Boy
This is my "Get Money" anthem for 2007. I need some cheese, scrilla, money, dead presidents, ya heard me?

Wine: "Red Red Wine" -- UB40
Let's get drunk, shall we?

Sports: "Boys of Summer" -- Don Henley
It's baseball season. Go Yankees!

Spring: (same as weather)

Road Trip: The entire Popular Demand CD by Black Milk.
I could listen to this disc for hours on the road.

Radio: "Bring the Noise" -- Public Enemy
It's time for radio to start cranking out the jams. I'm tired of hearing "Lip Gloss" (by Lil' Mama). Can I hear some hot shit, please? (no more Mims, dammit!)

Yawn: "Lullaby" -- Musiq Soulchild (from Luvanmusiq)

Your Favorite Movie: "A Father's Way" -- Seal
This song is from Will Smith's flick, The Pursuit of Happyness.

TV: "Lost Without You" -- Robin Thicke / "We Are the Champions" -- Queen

ABC's Lost and NBC's Heroes.