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Rhymefest (featuring Marsha Ambrosia) -- "I Came Home"

Rhymefest (featuring Lil Jon) -- "Angry Black Man On The Elevator"

Saucy Dame Dizzle's least favorite rapper Rhymefest has leaked two hot joints from his second disc, El Che. The tracks "I Came Home" and "Angry Black Man on the Elevator" sounds better than any of the songs featured on his disappointing debut effort, Blue Collar. It looks like Rhymefest is out to prove that his hidden Grammy win for "Jesus Walks" wasn't a fluke after-all and that he's a legitimate rhyme-spitter.

My favorite out of the two is "I Came Home," which is produced by Kanye West. It's a big beat, acoustic-guitar driven track with an inspiring chorus from hook queen Marsha Ambrosia. On the song, 'Fest relays an introspective message of "home is where the heart is" and vowing to never forget where he came from -- the city of Chicago. "I love my mama/ And when I get home, I'ma hug my mama/ and tell her that I understand/ She can see that her little boy became a man," he spits.

Rhymefest on a Lil Jon track may sound like a disaster waiting to happened, but surprisingly, "Angry Black Man on the Elevator," is b-b-b-banging.


On the marching drum and synth driven banger, the Chi-City MC spits politically-charged lyrics about society's fascination with dead celebrities and not caring enough about the war in Iraq. "America, get on down/ we calling the war/ when Anna Nicole died we all cried for a whore," he raps bluntly on the track. "El che I'm a rebel to America/ fuck the club, tear it up!" Rhymefest sounds like a rebellious Chuck D., which is absolutely refreshing to hear. Skip the punchline rhymes -- give me the hardcore shit.


Let's just hope that Rhymefest stays focused and continues to bring more incredible joints to his disc, El Che, which is due out sometime this year. I can't wait to hear it.

You can also listen to both of these tunes on Rhymefest's MySpace page, as well.