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Can we please have a moment of silence . . .

For Freddie Scott (1933-2007), a mostly unknown soul crooner of the 1960's who passed away on June 4 at the age of 74. According to Soul Source, Freddie died after suffering a heart attack. His funeral service were reportedly held on June 10 in New York.

If you are a rap fan, you might be familiar with one of Freddie's songs. In 1968, Freddie recorded the ballad "(You) Got What I Need." That song was later used by Biz Markie for his ditty "Just a Friend" in 1989, which was produced by Marley Marl, who is recuiperating after suffering a heart attack.

See the connection? It's a small world after all.

But the main reason why I'm doing a tribute to Freddie Scott is after listening to this wonderful musical tribute to him, I was amazed by Freddie's powerful voice and body of work. Freddie was a gifted crooner who should have been more famous. He was known as "Mr. Heartache" because his ballads were so mournful or heartbreaking, and rightfully so.

Despite never reaching the success of his fellow R&B peers, Freddie does have a few hits in his discography. His melancholic ballad "Hey Girl" became a R&B chart-topper in 1963, as well as his remake of Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman." In 1966, Freddie signed with Shout Records and recorded "Are You Lonely For Me?," which stayed atop of the Billboard R&B chart for 4 weeks in 1967.

Freddie's singing career soon faded after that. In his later years, he wrote advertising jingles and appeared in a couple of movies.

But you should listen to this fantastic musical tribute to Freddie Scott and hear why he was such a great singer.

Rest In Power Freddie . . .