Oh Shit . . .

Barbershop Matinee: Who's Your Caddy?

The animated flick the Simpsons Movie raked in the D'Oh at the box office over the weekend.

Who's Your Caddy? . . . not so much.

The class war golf comedy finished in tenth place overall with nearly $3 million in ticket sales. Compared that to the 2006 $7 million box-office opening of that other urban embarrassment Soul Plane and I would say, Caddy is a hole in naught.

Over the weekend, I visited my local barbershop to get my hair "did"[sic] (an all-round "baldie" cut) and guess what was playing on the widescreen television -- Who's Your Caddy?

Wow! Talk about straight-to-DVD. LOL!

And after watching this absurd comedy, this movie should have went straight-to-DVD the trash.

Who's Your Caddy? is a flick that even Tiger Woods would be ashamed of even though he doesn't consider himself African-American. Not only does this movie not get the game of golf right, it doesn't even get the game of comedy right. Who's Your Caddy is definitely Soul Plane on the golf course.

The forgettable movie stars OutKast's Big Boi as an optimistic music executive named C-Note who decides that he wants to join a prestigious golf country club in the Carolinas. When he tries to apply, an elitist board president named Jason Cummings [***add your "cum" jokes here] turns him down because of his, ah, scruffiness. Not to let a class-ist windbag deter him from playing golf, C-Note decides to buy an adjacent property near the club so he can make Cumming's life a living hell by acting foolish on the green.

There is a back story to all of this -- apparently, C-Note's dad was a championed golfer at this snotty club and Cummings unwarrantedly kicked him out. So, basically, C-Note is trying to give Cummings his comeuppance (excuse the alliterations) years later.

But who cares -- bring on the strippers and let me buy you a draaaaank.
(Yes, there are big booty strippers in the movie -- yaaaay!)

Throughout the movie it tries to relay a political message about race and class in society -- that they are two Americas, one Black, one White, separate and unequal. But that is masked by the blatant stereotypes and "hot ghetto mess" the actors display in the film that -- I will admit -- is funny at times.

Yes, I admit that I did laugh at a few of the dick jokes, fart noises, misogyny and midget insults. I mean, give me a break, I'm sitting in the barbershop with a few customers so it was okay for me to laugh at it, right?

Big Boi's supporting cast of cut-ups includes Faizon Love, SNL's Finesse Mitchell, [so-to-be The View's co-host] Sherri Shepherd, Terry Crews and a few comedians you probably recognize on HBO's Def Comedy Jam (the new season). When they come on the screen, it's like Animal Kingdom on the green -- niggas are acting wild.

It's so easy to trash this film, so let me tell you the one bright spot in this movie, and that is Tamala Jones. She's so lovely in the movie as Big Boi's love interest. When the two share a moment in a scene it actually lifts the movie out from its stereotypical ashes. I often found myself thinking that Tamala looks a lot like Taraji P. Henson -- who gives a great performance in Don Cheadle's Talk to Me, a movie more African-Americans should see. Nevertheless, Tamala doesn't get much screen time, as she plays the background to all of the campiness.

I'm disappointed that Big Boi would chose a film like this after his excellent performance in 2006's ATL. I mean, look at ATL co-star T.I. He could have easily gone in this direction but, instead, his next movie is American Gangster, starring opposite Denzel Washington. Now that's a good look, pot-na.

Who's Your Caddy? is urban dribble that shouldn't have been green-lighted, at all. I'm also wondering what was Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds thinking about when this idea landed on her table? She helmed a great television drama (the now-canceled Soul Food) and is the producer behind BET's hit reality series College Hill, so why did she want to developed this crap?

In the end, I can't recommend it. Not at today's ticket and popcorn prices.

Who's your Caddy? gets 1 razor and the bozack.


If this is true, congratulations are in order for Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy. The lovely power couple are engaged, according to OK! Magazine. Murphy reportedly proposed to Edmonds with a Cartier yellow diamond ring. The two are expected to hold their nuptials by year's end. "[It] will be a private wedding," says a source. "Something low key and very romantic."