Oh Shit . . .
Baker's Dozen: Totally Duuude!

A "Strong" Finish

Kanye West -- 60%

50 Cent -- 40%

It looks like Kanye West will be graduating all the way to the bank. 50 Cent . . . not so much. The results are in from my music poll post.

According to the poll, 60 percent believe that Kanye's Graduation will beat 50 Cent's Curtis sales-wise when both of their CDs drop on Sept. 11. Fiddy only garnered 40 percent of the votes.

It's a toss up for me. In my opinion, K-Weezy and Fiddy have released boring singles and have done little to promote their discs. While I'll give props to Kanye for his forward-thinking attempts to bring something different to hip-hop -- i.e., the futuristic "Stronger" video -- I don't think it has sparked much interest in Graduation. 50 just released a boring video for "Ayo Technology" -- which to this day, I have no clue what the hell he and Justin Timberlake are doing in that clip, except for being peeping Toms.

It would be interesting to see who conquers the Billboard 200 album chart in September. Save your money.