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The Big Music Post

Here are a selections of songs and music videos that I'm listening/watching right now. Clickety-Click Away!

Alicia Keys -- "No One"

Alicia Keys is back! Rejoice! This is her first single from her forthcoming disc, As I Am, and it's a sure-fire radio smash. She hollering like Marvin Gaye on this track -- and that's a good thing. With all of the violence (i.e., Iraq war) and racism (i.e., Jena 6) going on right now, it makes me wanna holla. Sing, Alicia, sing!

The Dream (featuring Fabolous) -- "Shorty Is a Ten" [Music Video]

I love Dream's black-and-white video. It's sexy without being too hyper-sexual. The song is real tight and catchy. I expect "Shorty Is a Ten" to be the hit ballad of the fall, like the summer was for Rihanna's "Umbrella." Eh-eh-eh-eh. And yes, the Dream did penned Ri-Ri's smash hit.

Twista -- "For One Night"

I feel bad for Twista. This touching song will not appear on his new disc, Adrenaline Rush 2007 (in stores now). Twista didn't give any details as to why the song is not on the disc; but it's obvious that he couldn't clear the Luther Vandross sample -- which anchors the track -- with the late singer's estate (mama Vandross, doesn't like rap). Thankfully, Twista is letting everyone on the Internets[sic] listen to his eloquent serenade to his true loves -- the microphone and hip-hop, in general. Man, this song is a gem.

Chaka Khan -- "Foolish Fool"

Chaka Khan -- "Angel"

There will always be room in my heart for some Chaka . . . Chaka Kahn. She's has this funk disc coming out and it sounds, uh, funky. Duh. Now there are two links of the song "Foolish Fool," one in Windows Media Player and the other in Quicktime. Also, check out her current single, "Angel."

Wyclef Jean (featuring Akon and Lil Wayne) -- "Sweetest Girl" [Music Video]

Wyclef playing up to his refugee/rebel schtick again even though he's one of the most prolific and richest musicians in the game right now. 'Clef couldn't just do a performance video, nooooo, he had to go do this narrative clip with an incoherent story line. Whatever. The song is sweet, though.

Daron Jones (of 112) -- "I Don't Deserve You"

Congratulations to Daron Jones on his recent nuptials. It's good to see that one of the 112 members is on the solo creep. I expect the other 112 crooner Slim to hit us with something new real soon, as well. Daron's song is nice -- it has the crunk-y, R&B-ish feel to it. Not bad.

Jill Scott's new video for "My Love"

My supermarket co-shopper and future baby mama is releasing "My Love" as the second single from her new disc, The Real Thing (in stores now). It's not my favorite track on the collection, but I can't hate on her. The video is i-iight; I'm still looking for the spunky/funky Jill to come out and roar -- like THIS.

Kelly Rowland (Featuring Snoop Dogg) -- "Ghetto" [Music Video]

"Ghetto" is one of the few songs on Ms. Kelly that was listenable. Unfortunately, the video is not watchable (meaning, it "sucks"). Kelly should call it quits, save her ducats and get ready for the expected Destiny's Child reunion album in the near future.

Common (featuring Lily Alllen) -- "Drivin' Me Wild" [Music Video]

Great song. Great video.
Props to director Chris Robinson (ATL) for helming this fun clip. As usual, Com is looking like the dapper-rapper in his tuxedo suit. I hope he does a video for "Misunderstood" -- one of the stronger songs on Com's outstanding LP, Finding Forever.

Trey Songz -- "I Can't Help But Wait" [Music Video]

A nice ballad from the Virginia-native crooner. The clip matches nicely with the song. Although I wouldn't have made it into a "To Be Continued"-type of video. Only because, when it eventually does continue . . . it usually continues with a horrible second single, which ruins the first song. Confused? Exactly. Nothing good comes from "To Be Continued." But Trey Songz's song is great nonetheless.

Rihanna -- "I Hate That I Love You" (Live Performance) [Via Yahoo! Music]

The barbados cutie-pie just finished shooting the music video for her uptempo ballad so we should see it in a couple of weeks days. Here's Ri-Ri is singing it live (without Ne-Ne unfortunately).

Babyface (featurng Pharrell Williams) -- "There She Goes" [Music Video]

A throwback video, for ya. Here's Babyface trying to go hip-hop with Skateboard P.

Soulja Boy -- "Crank That" (Soulja Boy) (Travis Barker remix) [YouTube Video]

I'm not a big fan of Soulja Boy.
But he certainly has the youngins going wild over his insanely stupid dance anthem. He's proof that hip-hop is not getting older, it's getting younger. There's no hope for us old-timers -- y'all better clutch on to the Graduation LP for dear life.

Despite not being able to do the soulja dance, I'll be damn if I wasn't partyin' like a rock star listening to drummer Travis Barker's rock mix of "Crank That." Soulja Boy is going to have every long-hair, skateboard-wielding white teen doing the soulja boy dance. Talk about diversity -- now that some hot shit. Totally duuuude!

And finally, the Best Video of the Year, so far: Kanye West (featuring T-Pain) -- "The Good Life."

Props to all of the blogs for their music and video links.