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Machine Gun Funk

Damn T.I., you messed up!

Jay Smooth offers a credible defense for rapper T.I. in connection to his recent arrest on federal gun charges.

In his video, Jay makes a good argument on what could be the reasoning behind the Atlanta rapper's quest to illegally obtain an arsenal of machine guns that would make even the NRA say, "What the fuck?!"

But I don't agree with all of Jay's assessments.

First, let me say this . . .

I don't see T.I. as a loser rapper who is "getting what he deserves" because he did something wrong. In fact, T.I. is a talented rapper and businessman. He is a multimillionaire rapper and pitchman who was about to see his Hollywood stock rise with American Gangster. He is at the top of his game -- skies the limit.

Honestly, T.I. simply had no business purchasing weapons as if he was headed to fight in the Iraq war. I don't give a damn how traumatic his childhood was or how he was medicating his demons by purchasing guns. To me, this is a classic case of when "Keeping It Real Goes Wrong." But this is not a joke.

And let's keep it real, T.I.'s own peoples[sic] -- his bodyguard -- took him down.

T.I. has to now look at his crew and wondered about the company he keeps. Are they loyal? A loyal friend would have the courage to say, "No T.I. you don't need to buy machine guns today, let's get ready for the BET Hip Hop Awards." A loyal friend would have made sure that T.I. didn't get into trouble in the first place. But money changes people. It can make some -- in the case of T.I.'s bodyguard and his associates -- look the other way. And money can really make you do some stupid things.

In the end, T.I. made a very poor choice. There's no defense to buying illegal weapons just four hours before you were to hit the stage at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Granted, it wasn't the Grammys, but come on, he didn't have anything else better to do that afternoon?

"We're going to be all right," said Young Dro about T.I.'s arrest. "It's just a mistake. Everybody's entitled to some. We'll be okay."

It's going to be a costly mistake for T.I. His high-profile attorneys have a major battle in front of them.

All of you Black millionaires need to fly straight and watch the company you keep.

Stay legit. Period.

Word to Rich Boy and Mychael Bell -- these judges today are giving out football numbers when sentencing Black folks.