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For my 37th Birthday, I bought the brand new iPod nano (3rd generation). Needless to say, the player is nothing short of excellent and the most beautifully-designed digital music player on the market right now. I'm in love with it. Apple has done, done, done did it again!

So, in celebration of my new toy, I decided to go back into the archives and revived an old meme created by blog master/veteran j. brotherlove.

Below is a list of song titles that include the numbers "one" through "ten." All of the songs listed below are tunes that are currently playing in my iPod RIGHT NOW! Play along if you like with your own digital players or music jukeboxes.

01. "One Song": Not my favorite tune on Black Milk's banging LP Popular Demand. It bumps nicely in the earbuds, though, so I can't front on the track.

02. "Too Blessed" (Featuring Q-Tip): This tune is from Kevin Michael's self-titled debut effort. Justin Timberlake you better watch out, this crooner is destined to take your throne.

03. "Three + Sum": Now this is one of the better songs on Black Milk's LP Popular Demand. On the banging track, Black Milk details vividly a spontaneous menage a trois between his girlfriend and her BFF -- in a very clever and vulgar-free way, I might add.

04. "4:00 am": One of my favorite tracks on the heavily slept-on disc Change It All by boho songbird Goapele.

05. "Unconditional Love": I didn't have any songs with five in it, so I went with Hi-Five's classic ballad "Unconditional Love." Upon hearing the tragic news of the passing of Hi-Five frontman Tony Thompson this past June, I went to iTunes and downloaded the track. I have been playing the song ever since. R.I.P. Tony.

06. "Soweto '76-06": Forget Amy Winehouse (she really needs to go to rehab). Forget Lily Allen (she's a whiner). Afro-German songbird Joy Denalane is the real deal -- genuine and soulful. Joy is by far the best female vocalist across the pond. Her CD Born & Raised is an absolute soul-pop treasure that is being sorely slept-on by music critics. Check out the video for "Soweto."

07. "Seven Day Hustle": This is Twista's "get money" anthem from his new LP Adrenaline Rush 2007.

08. "Curtis 1-8-7": Yeah I'm cheating here. But it's all I have. Anyway, this is one of 50 Cent's sinister tracks on his Curtis CD. The beat was produced by Mobb Deep's Havoc.

09. "911": A timely song by the great soul crooner Donnie. With the Jena 6 case, the War in Iraq, and President George Bush still in office , we are definitely in a state of emergency right now. Check out Donnie's video for "911" right HERE.

10. "Shorty Is A Ten": Hot tunesmith The-Dream is on a roll. He penned Rihanna's ubiquitous summer hit "Umbrella." He penned J. Holiday's soon-to-be ubiquitous fall hit "Bed," and currently has the ubiquitous radio smash, "Shorty Is a Ten" (featuring Fabolous). He also has an ubiquitous music video that's constantly playing on BET and MTV. Maybe The-Dream should change his stage name to The-Ubiquitousness.