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The Official iPhone Killer?

A couple of months ago, I recently bought the LG enV phone and raved about it in this post. I said that with a few upgrades and changes the LG enV could outshine it's closest competition, the T-Mobile's Sidekick -- the text-messaging "It" phone that's a favorite among hip-hop celebs.

Now Verizon and LG will unleash the Voyager -- their newest upgrade of the LG enV. Obviously, the Voyager is looking to steal some of the iPhone's thunder and coolness factor. It has an external touch-screen, like the iPhone, except it also has an expandable QWERTY keyboard and other hot features (e-mail, web browser via its super fast 3G Network). The phone looks super cool. Although, I have to say, the "Voyager" name belongs on a yacht than on a smartphone. They should have called it enV-2 or something.

And if the Voyager is anything like the LG enV, I'm telling you right now -- it could definitely maim, if not officially kill, the iPhone. So far, the Voyager has garnered some good reviews.

The Voyager phone will arrive in stores on Nov. 21 just in time for the holiday shopping season.

I'm going to upgrade my enV to the new Voyager phone when the initial rush is over -- probably in December.