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The Best List Of The Year-End Lists (Part II)

Party Like Diddy

(Illustration by Kevin Greene)

Diddy's 10 Tips for a New Year's to Remember

The king of celebrations, Diddy shares how to have the ultimate New Year's celebration.

10. Your party spot has to set the tone for the night . . . It creates the
blueprint for the entire evening.

09. A great bartender. Bad drinks aren't sexy. Also beautiful
wait-staff are key.

08. Food should never interrupt your swagger. Small tapas or finger
foods that aren't too messy tend to work well.

07. Music should be the soundtrack to the night. It should match the
theme. It should match the flow.

06. Preserve the sexy: My oldest and truest party rule. If it's about
furs and diamonds, don't show up in jeans.***

05. The right party people. Your tried-and-true friends that know how
to get your party started mixed with a few new characters to keep things
exciting . . . but everyone has to be sexy.

04. You need a great pair of shades because the best New Year's Eve
party doesn't stop until well into the New Year.

03. You need a great host -- like me -- someone who is a master in the
art of celebration.

02. Ciroc -- The world's best ultra-premium vodka, enough said.

01. It's never sexy to be sloppy, know your limits and drink

*** Actually, you can wear jeans and still perserve the sexy. You can flip the New Year's formal wear up by mixing a stylish tuxedo with black denim. Add a fedora and patented leather black sneakers with a little bling (fuck fur!). Make sure your all about the Benjamins ($$) and shake ya tailfeather!