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The Best List Of The Year-End Lists (2007)

The ubiquitous Year-End Music Lists are circulating the Internets[sic]. I'm still compiling my list of the Best Albums in 2007 for various online publications. After surveying a numbered of lists, I decided to post a few Year-End lists that caught my eye. I don't know how many lists I'm going to post, but here's one:

Scheme Magazine's Most Slept On Albums of 2007

Indie music zine Scheme rounded up some CDs that flew below the radar of the most dedicated music fan. Among the rap discs mentioned on the tally included Oakland rap duo U-N-I's great LP, Fried Chicken & Watermelon. Let me also add their creative music video for sneaker fanatics -- "K.R.E.A.M." I talked about the clip in this previous blog.

Other rap discs mentioned on the list are DJ Jazzy Jeff's Return of The Magnificent, Little Brother's The Get Back and Wise Intelligent's The Talented Timothy Taylor.

Let me also add a couple of rap CDs that were totally slept on.

Percee P -- Perseverance

Black Milk -- Popular Demand

Added Note:

Here's an in-depth interview (and rap history lesson) with Percee P (Peep the MP3 audio links. Mad crazy!)