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Check out these joints (audio and video links) that I'm peeping right now. (clickety, click away!)

Ne-Yo -- "Go On Girl" (Music Video)

It's Ne-Yo and that damn overused "Irreplaceable" beat. Forget about the song, the main attraction here are the visuals in this Hype Williams-directed black-and-white clip. It's similar to the Ray-Kay-directed video for The-Dream, but with a huge creative twist to it. The women featured in the video are absolutely gorgeous! Good googly-moogly, those women are very tasty. Director Hype proves once again that when it comes to innovative videography, he is simply unfuckwithable.

** Bonus Song**: Ne-Yo -- "Dream" (unreleased track?)

Young Buck -- "New York City" (Audio)

This joint is off the fucking heezy! I love this song. The track is not about the Big Apple, but it's inspired by New York's "on the grind" mentality. There's a familiar sample filtering the song, but I don't know what it is. This is could be a New York and Miami anthem for the 0-8. Young Buck should have never released this track. Why? Because this would be a perfect first single for his upcoming third album. But since he has nothing coming out as of yet, this is wasted on the Internet. Buck better drop this single on iTunes (b/w with an instrumental) and get some download money off this track. This is one of those "coolin-while-you-are-crusin-in-your-car" tracks.

MIA -- "Paper Planes" (music video)

One of the best songs off of MIA's Kala LP. Watch for the hook!

Just Blaze (F/ Talib Kweli, The Game, Large P, Razhel) -- "One Degree of Me" (Audio)

The Almighty Just Blaze is behind this great posse track. I don't know where this song is going to be featured on, but I'm thinking this would fit well on a Just Blaze compilation album (ala DJ Clue's The Professional).

Del The Funky Homosapien -- "Bubble Pop" (Audio)

Well, well, well. The "Mistadobalina" man, himself. This is the first single from Del the Funky Homosapien's forthcoming disc, Eleventh Hour, which will be released on March 11 via Def Jux. Knowing Def Jux's track record of releasing classic material, Del's set will probably be the first great rap LP of 2008.

***Bonus Video***: Remember Del's "Mistabobdilina"? That song was the shiznit back in the dayz -- peep the video.

Common -- "Freestylin' on New Year's Eve at his local church"
This is why Common is the best rapper in hip-hop right now and (Finding) FOREVER!

Janet Jackson -- "Feedback" (Music Video)

Not a big fan of Janet's new song or the video. Do you want to see Janet in all of her hotness? Then check out J.J. in Michael Jackson's "Scream" video, right HERE.

Notch -- "Dale Pa'Tra (Back It Up)" (Music Video)

A little reggaeton for that azz! I heard this song at a Puerto-Rican cuisine-styled restaurant, and several female patrons got up from their table and started twisting their hips. I was like, "Damn, who is this dude and what is this song called?" This is the perfect track for a DJ to throw on at an outside Bar-B-Q party in Miami Beach. Notch's LP, Raised By the People, is not bad either.

Blu & Exile -- "Below the Heavens" (Audio) [*scan-down at the bottom]

A nice introspective track from one of the "sleeper" indie-rap acts of 2007. Take a listen.

Razah -- "Rain" (Audio)

Here's a nice watered-down (Ha! Get it?) R&B ballad from a young crooner I have never heard of. It looks like he's following in the footsteps of Ne-Yo.

Estelle -- "American Boy" (featuring Kanye West) [Audio]

U.K.-based songbird Estelle is . . . okay. Her first single, "Wait a Minute," had me nodding my head, but this song right here is not a good follow-up. I think she'll bring some nice U.K. flavor to the R&B scene. Let's hope that her mentor John Legend and 'Ye gives her the music she needs to get more visibility on the radio and MTV.

Raheem Devaughn (featuring Big Boi) -- "Energy" (Audio)