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Kanye West (featuring Dwele) -- "Flashing Lights" (Music Video)

I love this video. The clip was co-directed by 'Ye and Spike Jonze, and filmed in Denmark.

Some folks believe that this is just an ordinary video.
But I disagree. Kanye doesn't just shoot ordinary videos. He always tries to bring something fresh and new.

I'm willing to bet you that this entire video sequence was filmed backwards in real time.

Yep. Everything that you are watching in this clip was shot backwards.

Spike Jonze did it the first time in Pharcyde's 1996 music video for "Drop." In that clip, all of the Pharcyde members are performing everything backwards, including walking and reciting their own rhymes.

So with this video, Spike and 'Ye up the ante. And it's brilliant. Simple yet innovative.

This is one of the best music videos of the year next to Snoop Dogg's psychedelic throwback clip for "Sensual Seduction."

Kanye West is a Hip-Hop Genius.