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Servin' In The Kitchen

Fall back Rachael Ray, there's someone out there that's even more kookier than you in the kitchen -- it's Coolio.

The rapper, who's mostly known for bastardizing Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise" with his 1995 Grammy-winning hit "Gangsta Paradise," has launch his own online cooking show called Cookin' with Coolio on the My Damn Channel network. The program is schedule to air every Wednesdays.

Coolio is gonna teach "yo ass how to cook," especialy if your girlfriend is "one of those salad-eating bitches."

It's time to cook, beeyotch.

In episode one, Coolio prepares a tasty Caprese salad that, according to the culinary rapper, is "better than yo momma's titties."

Now remember: "If it look good, taste good, smell good . . . is good. Shaka Zuluuuu!"

Watch the show HERE.

This is some ignorant funny shit.


Coolio (featuring LV) -- "Gangsta Paradise" (Music Video)

Shaka Zulu!