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This One Is For Dilla

"Hip-hop is bigger than religion . . . hip-hop is bigger than the government . . . this one is for Dilla, hip-hop . . . "
-- "The Healer," E. Badu

Erykah Badu's upcoming disc, New Amerykah: Part I (Fourth World War), hits stores on Feb. 26.

Check out this VIDEO of Erykah remembering her dear friend J Dilla, whose production is featured on E. Badu's upcoming collection.

On her new LP:

"First of all, I'm a hip-hop head. For this album, I went deep into the bottom of my hip-hop purse to pull out some of the most creative, scientific, mathematical producers that I could find because that's what I was feeling at the time. I started to dabble in quantum physics because I wanted to really participate in the changing of frequencies in different areas of music. This whole project is a platform for some of these producers. It features tracks by various underground hip-hop producers who all have a reputation for being visionaries. I felt like it was time to put together a project that not only takes listeners to another dimension but also highlights these amazing scientists." (via Clutch Magazine)

So her album is going to be like a science project? Cool!