Ain't Nothin But a "G" Thang
Hooked On Real

What Happened?!?

What happened?!?

Life . . . that's what happened.

I apologize for the lack of updates, but life and work are kicking my ass.

As far as any new developments, I'll share you these:

I'm traveling to Barbados for my summer vacation. If I see Rihanna, I might not come back to the states. Ella, ella, ella eh, eh, eh.

I could be moving to Harlem (NYC) by the fall, if my application for this townhouse is approved. (*crossing my fingers*) The sales agent is reviewing my application and credit history very thoroughly. Understandably, with the foreclosure crisis gripping America right now, everybody is cautious. Even me! Sheee-iiit!

I will appear opposite Will Smith in a sure-to-be blockbuster film hitting theaters this summer.

I fabricated that last development. Word to Chuck Phillips.

But the rest are very, very true.

I'm still alive and trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

Ya dig?