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Happy Dadda Day!

No, this is not me in the photo above, although he does have the same crooked obtuse head as mines. And the same haircut.

Anyway . . .

Happy Daddy's Day to all of the fathers who are taking care of their kid(s).

But hold up . . .

We also can't forget about the single moms out there who are playing the role of both mother and father all day, everyday. Ya heard me?

Props to you!

Young, Black and Fabulous salutes all of the celebrity dads.


Nigger Nas, Yes!: The Hot Music Post

Hot links to videos and MP3 tracks. Clickety-clack and all of that. Enjoy!

Nas -- "Hero" (featuring Keri Hilson)

This is the first single from Nas' upcoming "you-know-what-the-title-is" LP (aka Nas).

For the record, I was never supportive of Nas' Nigger crusade. Now don't get it twisted, I think Nas is one of our best rappers in the game, but there are no amount of words that the New York verbalist could have said in a song that would make that racial slur socially acceptable.

Some people are mad at Nas for changing the title at the last minute -- suggesting that it was a bait-and-switch move -- but I applaud him. In the end, Nas wouldn't have been able to sell the album effectively at retail stores. Then his messages would never be heard.

But good news: Nas and in-demand director Rik Cordero will premiere today (June 9) the video for "Be a Nigger Too." I am confident that Rik's visionary directing skills for the video will shock, educate and amaze a lot of people. Rik is the man and I'm quite positive the video will be an absolute triumph.

But for me, the song "Be a Nigger Too" -- both in its lyrics and concept -- is just wick-wick wack.

As for Nas' latest song, "Hero" -- that joint is the shit! This is the Nasir Jones we all familiar with: braggadocios, lyrically keen and focused. Produced by Polow da Don (the man behind Usher's "Love In This Club"), Nas seems determined not to be deterred by any naysayer (or haters) who is trying to throw him off his game. I can respect that.

Welcome back, Nas.

Oh, and one more thing . . . YOU ARE NOT A NIGGER!

Lloyd -- "Girls Around the World" (featuring Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

The video and the song are hot! You can't go wrong with an Eric B. & Rakim's "Paid in Full" beat, it's an instant club starter. Director Hype Williams used similar visuals found on Ne-Yo's video for "Go On Girl" and put a little twist to it. And you know Lloyd has Indian in his family. This dude is rocking more hairstyles than Beyoncé in her own videos. Also, props to Lil Wayne for not phoning in his verse and spitting some words that are kinda tongue-in-cheek(?) cute for the song.

Ciara -- "Supernatural"

Ray J -- "Gifts" (Music Video)

Mr. "I Banged Kim Kardashian" Ray J is back with another low-budget video for "Gifts." What is a gift, you ask? Who gives a damn, it's Brandy's little brother, for pete's sake.

Ashanti -- "In These Streets"

Ashanti In Concert (Video Performance)

Well, I do declare! I really like Ashanti's new CD The Declaration. The standout tracks on the disc for me are "Girlfriend," the piano-plucking ballad "In These Streets" (link posted above) and the duet with Robin Thicke. Thumbs up.

Nappy Roots -- "No Static"

Raheem DeVaughn -- "Try Again" (Music Video)

Estelle -- "No Substitute Love" (Music Video)

Anthony David -- "Words" [featuring India.Arie] (Music Video)

Jean Grae -- "Love Thirst" (Music Video)

Kardinal Offishal (f/ Akon) -- "Dangerous" (Music video)

Hil St. Soul -- "Wash Away"

Alegbra -- "Run and Hide" (Music Video)

Soulful songbird Alegbra is the truth. Go cop her album!



"Here I am/
This loves for you/
Hey baby your sweet as honey dew/
Close my eyes/
Oh what a fantasy/
And your right here with me . . ."

-- Mtume -- "Juicy Fruit" (Music Video)

"It was all a dream . . . "
-- Notorious B.I.G. -- "Juicy" (Music Video)

Forget drinking orange juice, I wouldn't mind having a daily supplement of this lovely woman who is doing her thing as a fashion and calendar model.

And she is not just your ordinary bottom-rounded model either -- this lovely chocolate star has beauty and brawn. The Louisiana honey bun is a college student and is one month shy of completing her courses to earn herself a Masters degree (you go girl!). Prior to her collegiate pursuits, she served our country proudly as a soldier in the military.

After checking out the 26-year-old's vixen's Official Website, I'm ready to enlist into her personal army as a soldier of love. Ya feel me? Uh-Atten-Shun! Hut-hut-hut-hut!

The single Libra -- whose bodacious measurements come in at 35-24-43 -- has appeared in such men's publications as Smooth Girl and Phat Apples magazine (*yep, that's a magazine).

Check her out:
More Pics and Video