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Summer Cool

Just in time for summer, I visited Converse.com and personally designed these converse sneakers to help me get my summer swagger on. What do you think of these kicks? And please don't bite my shit. Be original.

Peep the skull lining inside the sneakers. Hot ish!

Check out the black-and-white lining and lime-colored stitching around the sneakers. Damn! I should be designing sneakers for a living.

Watch out now, I'm kickin' it! And don't bite my shit! Be original!

Also, I included a few hot styles I'm rocking throughout the summer season. Step yo game up, fellas. You must look sharp for the ladies. Take notes.

You can never go wrong with polo shirts for the summer. Match them up with some capris pants and clean white sneakers and you are flossin'. My favorite brand of polo shirt is Lacoste. And yes, Lacoste polos are expensive, but Lacoste is having a sale right now! To cop some cheap polos, cick THIS!

Those of you who love skulls, 3Sixteen clothing line has some nice skully t-shirts. Click HERE and HERE.

The Giant Peach is another great online store to buy hip-hop inspired t-shirts.

Make sure your kicks are up to par, as well. Dirty sneakers are a major no-no this summer!
For those of you looking for some inexpensive sneakers, you can never go wrong with some nice Converses.

But for the grown and sexy -- brand new, fresh-out-the-box Nike Air Force 1s or signature Air Jordans.

I love these Nike Air Force 1s canvas kicks, they are perfect for the summer.

And everybody is wearing "The Beijing Olympics '08" Air Force 1s.

For the final touch, you have to smell good, fellas. You need a nice summer fragrance to compliment the man in you. And no, do not go to K-Mart and buy a box of Old Spice. Step yo game up!

First and foremost, you must bathe -- Always -- with soap and water. No excuses. Those of you who are afraid of colognes or don't want to smell like flowers, then go with a body spray.

I use Anthony's Body Essentials body spray products and they smell wonderful. They are not too perfume-y or too fruity (i.e., Gay).
The best part about these products is that (a) they don't stain your clothes (b) you will smell like a real man and (c) the fragrance only lasts for a couple of hours (so you are not smelling like cologne all day). I suggest you try the Body Spray Sampler first to see which fragrance fits you the best.


Now get in gear for the summer!


P.S.: If you have any fashion tips, please leave them in the comment box.