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A Golden Video

Kanye West -- "Champion" (Music Video)

Kanye West may not be the fastest man on Earth, but he certainly deserves a gold medal for making some of the most creative videos in pop music.

Just in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, K-Weezy unveiled a new video for "Champion," his anthemic ode to being the best of the best. In the clip, a rangy puppet version of the rhyme-spitter is allowed to compete in the fictional United Games. "I don't see why I need a stylist, when I shop so much I can speak Italian," spits 'Ye as his sunglasses-wearing alter ego air-boxes, dances, jogs and lift weights while training for a big sprint race. Not surprising, the puppet wins the competition and the glory.

In addition, Kanye drops the bomb track, "Jocking Jay-Z," which he (and Hova) recently performed on the final outing of his Glow in the Dark Tour. The track most likely will appear on Jigga's Blueprint III disc.


If you want to watch some more puppet tomfoolery, check out this brief clip of Bert and Ernie reciting "stick-em-up" lyrics from M.O.P.'s hardcore track "Ante Up." Sesame Street never looked so gangsta before.