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Thank You: Celebrating Five Years

"I just wanna thank you, for being around/
And patiently waitin and holdin me down/
It's easy to see, for [Mr. T]/
That without no you, there could be no me . . ."

-- Xzibit, "Thank You"

I'm well aware that this is a month late. I never said punctuality was my strong suit.

Nevertheless . . .

On July 23, 2003, I debuted Beats and Rants on Typepad after taking my initial steps into the blogging world via (Check out the crazy posts I wrote over there, it's hilarious!). Over the five years that Beats and Rants has been on Typepad, I have been blogging about music, life observations and, notably, my infamous obituaries ("Can we please have a moment of silence . . . ").

Through the years, I accumulated a hugh readership, but also I lost a lot of readers due to my content.
My blog tally is 460 posts, 1,158 comments and 51 TrackBacks.

All and all, I just want to say . . .

Thank you for the five years of support and readership.
Thank you for the five years of comments -- good and bad.
Thank you for the hater-ation.
Thank you for the spamming (You Bastards!).
Thank you for the music links.

Thank you for the love.

Here's to another five years of blogging.

So for my 5th Anniversary, I'm going to repost some of my most popular and controversial write-ups here on Beats and Rants. Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. I will also continue to add new posts, as well. A little bit of the old and new. Ya feel me?

Once again . . .

Thank you, your welcome.