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I ♥ Solange

I must be either getting soft . . . or nostalgic for that old Motown sound.

But after several listens of Solange Knowles' second disc, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, I have to say it's one of the most entertaining R&B albums to come out this year.

I commend Solange for bringing her throwback psychedelic-soul sound and penning some real tortured lyrics of love and heartbreak. And the producers who contributed tracks to the project also impressed me, as well.

Hitmakers the Neptunes produced the set's first single, "I Decided" -- who knew that Pharrell and Chad could a flip a Motown-sounding tune? Studio maverick Mark Ronson produced the reflective "6 O'Clock Blues," which, for me, is the LP's standout track. Another great song is the Soulshock-blessed "Sandcastle Disco." And "I Told You So" is a fiery song, in which Solange tells her former beau (or ex-husband?) that her love for him has faded and she's ready to move on. And I also enjoyed the ballad "Cosmic Journey" featuring the "where-the-hell-are-you?" crooner Bilal.

There are four duds on this collection but, as a whole, this is a fantastic album.

And not only does Solange have a bitchy attitude, she's also defiant. She knows that her famous surname has everyone second-guessing her every move in the music industry. That's why she recorded "F**k the Industry (Signed Sincerely)," which flips 'Ye's piano-driven song, "Everything That I Am." You gotta love it.

Check out these Solange videos below:

Solange Knowles -- "Sandcastle Disco" (Music Video)

Solange Knowles -- "6 O'Clock Blues" (Live)

Solange Knowles -- "I Decided" (Live)

And this is a funny YT clip. Solange is performing "I Decided" at an outdoor concert event when a man jumps onstage and decides to be a background dancer for her. Rather than let security escort the concertgoer off the stage, Solange lets him stay and they gyrate together off into the sunset. You see, Solange is not a bitch after all.

This is my favorite Solange performance -- "I Decided" (Live at Fashion Rocks)