Twist And Shout
Yes, We Can Call Him The President-Elect!

Ba-Rock The Vote!

Funnyman Chris Rock was in Florida last weekend and spoke to a crowd of over 1,000 people at a voter-awareness rally, encouraging them to Vote today (Nov. 4). Chris told audiences that they should vote for the person they can relate to and understand.

"The election is about the economy. You need a president that can see broke. McCain [can't] see broke," he told the spectators as their cheers turned into collective laughter. "When you go to somebody for help you want somebody who can relate to what you have to say. Like if I have problems getting laid, I wouldn't call Brad Pitt 'cause he wouldn't know what I was talking about."
Chris then joked that on Halloween, he took his kids trick-or-treating to all of Sen. John McCain's houses (for the record: McCain has seven homes).
"There was way too many houses," he said, as the crowd laughed. "McCain was on MTV's Cribs 15 times. This is not the guy you want to be president."
On getting out the vote: "Get your retarded uncle. Get him to vote. Anybody you know with an arm, bring him down."

Alicia Keys offers a voting tip before you head down to the polls:

Make sure you Barack the Vote today!

Katy Perry VOTED . . . and she liked it! So go out and vote!

I did!