Happy Turkey Day
Post-Turkey Big Music Post

Best Album Of The Year '08

Jazzanova -- Of All the Things

Jazzanova (Featuring Ben Westbeech)-- "I Can See" ( Music Video)

Jazzanova (Featuring Phonte) -- "So Far From Home"

Jazzanova (Featuring Leon Ware & Dwele) -- "Rockin' You Eternally"

Jazzanova (Featuring Phonte) -- "Look What You’re Doin' To Me"

"Our music can take listeners on a journey," says Jazzanova member Alexander Barck. "If we are able to fascinate them, if we are able to get someone who doesn't think he likes Brazilian music dance to a Brazil track and have him say, 'I've never heard this before, but it's incredible, and this is now my favorite music,' those are the beautiful moments in a production or in a DJ set."
If you love rap, salsa, R&B/Soul, jazz or all of the above, then you will be amazed at the songwriting, musicianship and vocal performances featured on this collection.

Jazzanova has created the perfect music album.

Go cop it! Now!