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Steppin' Out

Tied The Knot: I'm Wearing A Tux Tonight!

I'm steppin' out tonight!

I'm going to get my drink on somewhere in New York and ring in 2009 with style.

So, if you are in the NYC area, be courteous to a brother walking haphazardly down the street.

It could be me. 

*Don't worry, I won't get too sloshed*

Happy New Year!


Bit By Bit

Bits And Pieces: Swedish Songbird Lykke Li

I'm learning a little bit more about Swedish songbird Lykke Li

I can't get this song out of my head.

Lykke Li -- "Little Bit" (Music Video)

The "Little Bit" (Remix) [featuring Drake and rapper Mickey Factz] is a bangin' track!

Wouldn't it be cool if Kanye West flipped a verse on this record?


Lykke Li and Q-Tip perform "Can I Kick It," "Move," and "Vibrant Thing" live at the 2008 Woodie Awards.


One To Watch In '09

Power To The Divas!: Rapper-Poet-Journalist Amanda Diva

I told y'all last year to look out for in-demand video director Rik Cordero in 0-8. 

Next Up: Verbalist/Songbird/TV Personality/Painter/Journalist Amanda Diva

The Harlem, N.Y.-based, Grenadian hottie writes a blog, host her own online television show and spits bars with Q-Tip. In 2009, Amanda plans to drop her follow-up to her debut EP The Life Experience. She's also working with 9th Wonder on an undisclosed project. interviews Amanda about her career and upcoming projects. asks Amanda Diva what kind of man attracts her wandering eye.


When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: They Shootin'!

We have all experience this while going to the movies.

You sit down with your box of popcorn and you are excited to see a brand new flick. As the theater goes dark and the movie is playing, all of the sudden in back of you there are people talking. And they continue to yackety-yak throughout the entire movie.

Now whether they are black or white is not important. I have experienced this type of rudeness at a suburban theater where I was being interrupted by white folks talking. I have been in "ghetto" theaters where black folks were rudely screaming at the screen.

Nevertheless, what can you do?

Yes, you can go to the person or persons and tell them to be quiet. In my experience, it usually leads to more yelling and/or near-fisticuffs.

But on the real, I can't tell you how many times I wished I had a gun and just take aim . . . and fire!

Apparently, this dude decided to keep it real.

This is a sad case of
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong:

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The Cat's Meow

Purrr! : Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)

Can we please have a moment of silence . . . 

For the seductive, multi-talented entertainer Eartha Kitt.

The self-described "sex kitten" died Christmas Day at New York hospital from colon cancer. She was 81. Her daughter, Kitt Shapiro, was by her bedside when she passed away.

Eartha's career in screen, stage and records spans over three decades. The South Carolina born singer was among a bevy of biracial women like Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge and others who took Hollywood by storm in the 1950s. She started out as a dancer for the Katherine Dunham Company in New York and parlayed that into a successful stage career on Broadway. In 1978, she nabbed a Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance in Timbuktu!  As a television/film star, Eartha is probably best known for her portrayal as the alluring Catwoman in the campy 1960s TV show Batman. In film, she will be mostly remembered for playing Lady Eloise in Boomerang opposite Eddie Murphy

In a July 2006 interview with the Austin Chronicle, she acknowledged that she had colon cancer, but didn't want to elaborate on her condition. "Well, it's not a matter of me talking or not talking about it, it's a matter of realizing that I am not sitting around moping about it," she told the newspaper.

Despite having cancer, Eartha continued to perform almost until the end. She just taped a PBS special six weeks ago in Chicago. The show tentatively is set to premiere in February.

Most recently, Eartha's sultry yuletide ode, "Santa Baby," was certified gold (500,000 copies shipped) by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Eartha Kitt -- "Santa Baby"

Rest in Power, Eartha.