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A "Funky" Post

Lord Of The Ring: Lords Of The Underground Rapper Doitall 

If you don't have D-Nice's journal on your blog roll, then smack yourself. And if you don't know who D-Nice is -- in regards to his eponymous rap song -- please jump out the window.

But I digress . . . 

I'm here to talk about D-Nice and his fantastic online series, True Hip-Hop Stories.

In his clips, D-Nice steps behind the camera and let old-school rap pioneers detail how classic songs were made. He has already interviewed Dres from Black Sheep, rapper Dana Dane, and Juice Crew alum Masta Ace. 

The two most interesting videos that I have been watching repeatedly is the one by YZ (of "Thinking of a Masterplan" fame), in which he explains his introduction into the rap game as an entreprenuer and reveals one shocking revelation. YZ's story is truly inspiring.

The other video features Lords of the Underground rapper Doitall telling his story of how he and his partner-in-rhyme Mr. Funke recorded "Funky Child." You will be equally impressed as to how LotU continues to stay relevant in today's stagnate hip-hop scene.

Keep those videos coming, D-Nice. And don't forget about the ladies in hip-hop, too.


It's Time To Get Dilla!

Time To Celebrate: J Dilla Watch To Hit Stores Soon!

Detroit's premier sneaker/clothing store Burn Rubber

has unveiled the J Dilla watch created by the collaborative efforts of watchmaker Toy Watch, Burn Rubber and designer Upendo for clothing company LeRoy Jenkins.

The watch is not available, yet. But when it does arrive exclusively at Burn Rubber, it will retail for $250. Proceeds from the sales of the timepiece will go to J Dilla's mom, Ms. Maureen Yancey (aka Ma Dukes).

Gimme two watches, two watches.

I'm anxiously waiting, with bated breath, to cop this dope timepiece.

There's no one Illa than J Dilla!


"Heart" Of A Genius

Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak is growing on me. It's not my favorite 'Ye album, but it will land somewhere on my Year-End Top 10 List.

In the meantime, Kanye's performance of "Heartless" on Saturday Night Live was, actually, pretty good. Homeboy was on some rock star shit.

I wished Kanye performed his esoteric ballad "Streets Lights" -- that's my favorite song from the album.