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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: They Shootin'!

We have all experience this while going to the movies.

You sit down with your box of popcorn and you are excited to see a brand new flick. As the theater goes dark and the movie is playing, all of the sudden in back of you there are people talking. And they continue to yackety-yak throughout the entire movie.

Now whether they are black or white is not important. I have experienced this type of rudeness at a suburban theater where I was being interrupted by white folks talking. I have been in "ghetto" theaters where black folks were rudely screaming at the screen.

Nevertheless, what can you do?

Yes, you can go to the person or persons and tell them to be quiet. In my experience, it usually leads to more yelling and/or near-fisticuffs.

But on the real, I can't tell you how many times I wished I had a gun and just take aim . . . and fire!

Apparently, this dude decided to keep it real.

This is a sad case of
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong:

A Philadelphia man named James Joseph Cialella, Jr. (pictured, above) got angry and shot a man who was talking too loud during a Christmas showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the Riverview Theatre. According to authorities, when Cialella confronted the father and son about their loud talking, words were exchanged, popcorn was flown, and James allegedly pulled out a .380-caliber handgun and shot the father.

The victim was hit once in the left arm and also suffered a broken nose during the melee. The gunfire sent moviegoers rushing out of the theaters; luckily no one else was injured. When police arrived, James confessed to the shooting. He is currently in jail and will be charged for attempted murder, aggravated assault and other weapon offenses.

Yes, on the one hand, who brings a gun to a movie theater?

On the other hand, why were you (and your family) rudely talking during the movie?

In conclusion, two wrongs don't make a right. 

But still, I get so annoyed when people continuously talk throughout a movie.

People, please use proper movie etiquette when you go to the theaters.

So, to avoid getting a bullet in my ass at a movie theater, I'm going to follow blogger  Victoria's Guide To Movie-Going:

  1. I'm going to hit the web and visit Cinema Treasures for the history.
  2. Check out CinemaTour for the photos.
  3. Read InsiderPages for the comments/reviews about that particular movie theater.

If this couple had read the horrible reviews for the Riverview Theatre, they would have avoided going there to see the flick. 

Or, maybe, they knew it was a shitty theater and just felt it was okay to be loud at the cineplex?

Or, this was just an arbitrary incident and the man was simply insane.

In the NJ/Philly area, I pretty much know which movie theaters to go to and which theaters to avoid at all cost.

All and all, this is a sad story of when "Keeping It Real Goes Wrong."