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She Knocks Me Out

She's Turning Me On: R&B Cutie Keri Hilson

Honestly, I wasn't really feeling singer-songwriter Keri Hilson at first. Her 2008 single, "Energy," was OK, but it didn't catch my ear. Then she dropped the awful techno-club clunker "Return the Favor" and I was  completely turned off. Her latest single, "Turning Me On" (featuring Lil Wayne), put the R&B cutie back into the spotlight and at the top of the music charts. Keri also has been vlogging regularly on her official website, pissing people off on YouTube and looking fine as hell at her shows via the I Am Music tour (featuring Weezy F. Baby). You go girl!

And after watching Keri's new video for "Knock You Down" (Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo), I am hooked! I'm officially joining the Keri Hilson fan club.

Keri Hilson -- "Knock You Down" (Music Video)
Click Here To Watch The Video! Fantabolous!

In this superbly directed clip, Keri is caught in a love triangle between rap superstar Kanye West and R&B nobleman Ne-Yo. Not to mention we get to see the R&B starlet's
loong legs and booty in bed. As for the song, it's bouncy and fun. I downloaded it in my iPod and it's in heavy rotation.

In a perfect world, I would be lying in the bed butt-nekkid with Keri.

But in reality, I have to get up five days a week and bust my hump at my 9-to-5 gig.

"Life's Just Unfair" ©Kanye West

Not really.

Keri Hilson -- "Make Love" (trailer)
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Keri's melodic ballad "Make Love" is also a standout. The teaser video (shown above), features Keri as she pulls out the chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne for a romantic night with, once again, Mr. 808s & Heartbreak. (There goes Yeezy crushing my dreams again!) The video is quite lovely.

Now will these two videos
make Keri Hilson a R&B star?

I think so. Maybe not as big as Beyoncé, though.

But in a perfect world . . . such questions would be mute.