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Happy "Birthday"


I have a confession: 

Although the song is probably the most-played single on the radio, I was not feeling Jermaih's born-day ode, "Birthday Sex." These sex songs can lead trouble in my book.  My theory is this: when it comes to birthday sex, it often leads to unwanted pregnancies. And the last thing you want to do is give these these kid any ideas -- especially on their birthday. 

But after watching Jermaih perform the acoustic (piano) version of "Birthday Sex" . .

I'm sold. "Birthday Sex," it is! 

I think with this performance the song feels tender and heartfelt, where as the regular version feels like a forbidden bump-and-grind love  jam.

But whether it's birthday sex or makeup sex, please be safe -- use protection. 

Enough of the PSAs . . . check out the video. This dude got talent!

*Added 5-30-09*

Here's the video for "Birthday Sex":

Jermaih -- "Birthday Sex" (Music Video)