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Crazy Like a Foxx: Jamie Foxx at the BET Awards 

10:39  Good morning Tweeters! A (1/2) week of work and then fireworks. Let's get it crackin'! R.I.P. to MJ  #

10:41 RT  @nelsongeorge 'Invincible' MJ's last full studio album, is worth a listen now. "Butterflies" & a few other gems on it. But is bloated.  #

10:45  Clips of BET Awards performances: Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, Ciara, Jay-Z --   #

11:25  RT @BKWheresMars Working on a master plan. You thought it was over You thought wrong! --  A Spike Lee Block Party in BK would be nice  #

11:27  RT @BKWheresMars Working on a master plan. You thought it was over You thought wrong! --  Or a "Do The Right Thing" showing in Prospect Park.  #

11:47  Ch eck out my blog post: Five Thrilling Michael Jackson Covers" (

12:57  RT @QueenEnvy My dream is to one day be able to watch an award show w/ my daughter that truly reps us & not be completely embarrassed. -- Agreed!  #

13:12  New Blog Post: "Five Thrilling Michael Jackson Covers" (

13:20  Wow! People are dying left and right. Please make it stop! -- Celebrity Impressionist Fred Travalena Has Died  #

14:06  It's scary how TMZ is on top of the journalism game with their Michael Jackson updates. It would be nice if they would do this all the time  #

15:01  RT @AquaAHH Ma$e hoppin on a Drake remix reeks of desperation. As if that's going 2 make people forget his last album was buttocks ~>Agreed!  #

15:16  #musicmonday: Listening to Maxwell's CD BLACKsummer'snight -->  #

16:17  RT @foliomag Michael Jackson Cover Blitz: Jackson commemorative issues could set record total sales for weeklies:   #

16:22  The Hottest MILF in America Right Now -->  Taraji P. Henson. Good Lawwd! Holla! (aside from @vasbestkept -*wink*)   #

16:30 This trailer is funny as hell --> "Skank Robbers" (starring Martin Lawrence & Jamie  Heeey!   #

17:18  RT @vasbestkept Michael Jackson Tribute tee by DC's own . . . pretty hot! RT @clockwisedc reserve yours now!  #

17:20  RT @LaBlaxicana LA, DC, NYC --> new event flyers . . . Women in Hip Hop! #

17:22  #musicmonday Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year: Listening to Maxwell's CD BLACKsummer'snight --    #


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